Any tips on invoking notmuch cli securely? (pre-ANN yet another web client)

2018-09-05 Thread Daniel Barlow
I'm writing yet another notmuch web client: this one with a focus on mobile, because it's great having email in emacs when I'm home or at my desk but it turns out I actually do most of my email from my phone. The structure is * a very small web server that invokes notmuch with --format=json in

Spam and mailing list filtering?

2011-02-10 Thread Daniel Barlow
I've been running notmuch for only a couple of days now and am still getting to grips with it, but I am very very happy to be back in Emacs again for mail after two years in the Thunderbird wilderness. So, thank you. I like my mail tagged on reception so that my mailing lists and spam only