Re: Notmuch scripts (again), now with more usenet

2012-07-17 Thread ccx
On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 10:36:54AM -0600, David Bremner wrote: writes:
  I hope it's now in the form acceptable for inclusion to contrib.
 Dear Jan;
 Without looking too much at the details I think this is reasonable to
 include in contrib, as a set of examples if nothing else. Still, I'm
 curious about a few things. Are there actual users (other than the
 author)?  What would we do about bug reports? Will you follow the list,
 or would we explicitely tell people to contact you directly?

I might not always have time to read the entirety of the ML, so it would
be great if people CC me when posting there.

 I guess some of the python experts might want to discuss the coding
 style of pylint goes ballistic, for whatever that is

That's mainly because of tabs used for indentation, which used to be
considered a viable alternative, but is now considered obsolete. I
reformatted the code to conform to pep8 guidelines.

 For the shell stuff, I noticed lots of unquoted parameter expansion;
 also at some point you make a temporary directory using $$
 directly rather than using e.g. mktemp.

Zsh does not word-split parameter expansion by default, this is
intentional. The temporary directories are created in xdg cache dir,
which should not be susceptible to symlink attacks etc. and the pid
actually helps to correlate the directories to processes, eg. when you
want to autoclean after searches that got killed for some reason.

 What did you have in mind for a license? since there is no linking here,
 it does not have to be GPL3+, but some standard Free license is needed I
 think; since I'm also maintaining the Debian package, I don't want to
 have to remove your stuff before uploading to Debian.

You can consider it public domain. I guess I should add wtfpl text to my
repo. :-)


Thanks very much for your rewiev.

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Notmuch scripts (again), now with more usenet

2012-07-13 Thread ccx
Hello, for quite some time my set of scripts just lied in my repo and
waited for polish before release. So tonight I finally managed to update
the docs, remove old stuff, rewrite some unfortunate things etc.

One notable addition is slrn2maildir script which can convert NNTP
spool, eg. gmane mailing lists or blogs, as fetched by slrnpull to
maildir format. This way you can follow plethora of mailing lists
without subscribing, any blog that publishes full atom/rss feed or
usenet newsgroup.

For details see the readme:
or check out the code:
  bzr branch

I hope it's now in the form acceptable for inclusion to contrib.

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Notmuch scripts

2011-06-24 Thread ccx
Hello list!

As some of you know I have written several scripts that aid using
notmuch, including an alternative to the notmuch-mutt perl script.

Since Carl Worth consented to include them into official distribution
I am now cleaning them up, writing docs and extending it so it covers
all features notmuch-mutt currently has.

They can currently be obtained by:
bzr branch
Or you can browse the code at:

During the process of polishing the scripts I thought about few things
that may be interesting to other people integrating notmuch, so let me
hear your opinions. :-)

$NOTMUCH and proxies:
There are applications (whether full-blown interfaces or simple scripts)
that use notmuch. There are scrips that work as proxies to actual
notmuch, eg. by invoking ssh to a machine where the mails are, or
processing the argument list and expanding saved searches. Therefore it
would be very practical if the path to actual executable would be
configurable. Thus I propose:

  * Every application that does not act as a proxy should use
environment variable NOTMUCH to find the actual notmuch executable.
If not defined or empty, just execute 'notmuch' as usual.

  * Every application that acts as a proxy should ignore the NOTMUCH
variable, instead it should be configurable in other way
(configuration file or something easily changeable). This way
chaining of proxies will be possible.

Configuration and temporary files:
I like XDG specification. I think it's bit unnecessary to have to have
config files that belong only to few scripts littered all around my
homedir. Also I think it's reasonable that user would be able to specify
where to put the temporary files. That said atm I have ~/.zmuch as the
only config file, as it felt bit weird to create new directory for just
one file. But as I'm preparing the scripts I see more and more things
that are specific to my setup and I would like them to be configurable.
These are:

  * Spam filter. Do you guys use any? What does it's interface look like?
I currently use bsfilter which I've found does it's job pretty well.

  * Colors. I use bright fg on dark bg, but I understand somebody won't
be happy with this choice.

  * New message processing. Currently I check for spam and I mute
selected threads. I can see this can be made quite configurable.
Maybe create procmail equivalent for notmuch? :-)

Thanks for notmuch! I look forward to your responses.
Jan Pobrislo (ccxCZ@freenode)

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