Re: Avoiding the "huge INBOX of death"

2016-07-19 Thread fauno
nd it works really well for me :P [^0]: -- signature.asc Description: PGP signature ___ notmuch mailing list

notmuch-mua and jl-encrypt (was: file-error "not a regular file")

2015-12-30 Thread fauno
Michal Sojka writes: > can you share more details about how do you use jl-encrypt and which > functions do not work? Recently, I posted a few patches that fix some > problems related to the replacing message-mode with > notmuch-message-mode. Maybe, there is more what we can

Re: file-error "not a regular file"

2015-12-28 Thread fauno
David Bremner writes: > I guess the tl;dr is that I can't duplicate this problem. Looking at the > traceback Peter provided, it looks like he is using > "send-message-without-bullets" to send the message. Since this isn't a > notmuch function, it's likely bypassing the notmuch

Re: file-error "not a regular file"

2015-12-27 Thread fauno
Peter Salazar writes: > Hello, > > I'm using notmuch-mode from within Emacs to send email using async/mbsync > through Gmail. However, every time I send email from within Emacs, I get > this error: i got this message too for fcc with default values, i'm on emacs 24.5 with