Re: Bug: ol-notmuch.el: calls `notmuch-show' with arbitrary search query

2019-11-26 Thread racin
Hi, > > Here is my workaround. If this approach seems sensible I can prepare a > patch to `org-notmuch-follow-link` in ol-notmuch.el. Your approach probably works most of the time, but I don't like the idea of having to perform 2 queries when one should be enough. I think a better approach

Re: The archive operation should only archive open messages

2010-04-20 Thread racin
- Carl Worth a écrit : Once we fix that, I think we can go back to having tag operations only affect matched messages in the search view, and I agree that this will be extremely convenient. What about using prefixes to each command, the way Gnus does it*? For

Re: please eat my data!

2010-04-12 Thread racin
- Jameson Rollins a écrit : On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 15:33:35 +0200, Sebastian Spaeth wrote: fsync is really killing xapian (and notmuch). What suffers, are the boolean prefixes (tag, id, and thread). Using libeatmydata (which disables

Re: [notmuch] [PATCH] Support for deletion (patch included)

2010-02-27 Thread racin
Here they are; as I don't know how to include them in the body, I put the patches as attachments. I hope this will be convienient enough for you. Matthieu - a écrit : Carl: The patch in the mail has problems; apparently I have to manually add scissorlines to the mail for

Re: [notmuch] [PATCH] Support for deletion (patch included)

2010-02-25 Thread racin
Carl: The patch in the mail has problems; apparently I have to manually add scissorlines to the mail for it to be processed by git-am. I thought this was automatically added. (I hate the git UI -- nothing is consistent, concepts have different names, the definition of scissor lines is as precise

Re: [notmuch] [PATCH] Support for deletion (patch included)

2010-02-24 Thread racin
Hi Carl, Could you also write a commit message describing what the patch does? The easiest way for me to apply that would be if you would create a git commit, then run git format-patch origin/master and mail the resulting files, (the git send-email command can be used here, or you can insert

Re: [notmuch] Git ancestry and sync problems (was: Mail in git)

2010-02-18 Thread racin
- martin f krafft a écrit : Except I fear that as soon as we allow manipulation of the local store, we'll potentially run into this problem: I don't

Re: [notmuch] notmuch.el: Prefix arg inverts the sort order of notmuch-search.

2010-02-11 Thread racin
Using a prefix arg to invert search order would conflict with my patch in which the prefix arg is used to show deleted messages. I don't known which behaviour for prefix patch would be best. Though we can also add toggle keys that toggle

Re: [notmuch] [PATCH] add notmuch-show-delete keybinding 'd'

2010-01-20 Thread racin
Hi Sebastian, I posted a similar patch a while ago, that also did not show deleted messages by default. Don't know if Carl wants to integrate this though Matthieu - Mail Original - De: Sebastian Spaeth À: notmuch Envoyé: Mercredi 20 Janvier

Re: [notmuch] Bug with commit 2e96464f9705be4ec772280cad71a6c9d5831e6f

2010-01-15 Thread racin
I still confirm the bug. The problem is due to relying on non-standardized fields of directory entries (i.e. d_type), which don't behave the same on reiserfs than on ext2 (I use reiserfs). The following ugly patch solves my problem. diff --git a/notmuch-new.c b/notmuch-new.c index