notmuch release 0.26 now available

2018-01-09 Thread David Bremner
Where to obtain notmuch 0.26 === Which can be verified with: d3e894ed2ad9d721a442663f07a6f2a241dc98be7cc4af681f16edf88e0d76df notmuch-0.26.tar.gz

notmuch show --decrypt=stash

2018-01-09 Thread Daniel Kahn Gillmor
This is a revision of the series initially introduced in, with minor updates to accomodate the recent release of notmuch 0.26 (yay!) This series allows "notmuch show" to index the cleartext and stash the session keys of an encrypted message while

[PATCH v2 4/5] cli/show: reindex when we learned new session keys about a message

2018-01-09 Thread Daniel Kahn Gillmor
If the number of session keys for a given message increased after running "notmuch show" then we just learned something new that might let us do automatic decryption. We should reindex this message using our newfound knowledge. --- notmuch-show.c | 20 1 file changed, 20

[PATCH v2 3/5] cli: write session keys to database, if asked to do so

2018-01-09 Thread Daniel Kahn Gillmor
If the decryption policy is NOTMUCH_DECRYPT_TRUE, that means we want to stash session keys in the database. Note that there is currently no way from the command line to set it this way, though, so it is not yet included in the test suite. --- mime-node.c | 24 1 file

[PATCH v2 5/5] cli/show: enable --decrypt=stash

2018-01-09 Thread Daniel Kahn Gillmor
Add fancy new feature, which makes "notmuch show" capable of actually indexing messages that it just decrypted. This enables a workflow where messages can come in in the background and be indexed using "--decrypt=auto". But when showing an encrypted message for the first time, it gets

[PATCH v2 1/5] lib: expose notmuch_message_get_database()

2018-01-09 Thread Daniel Kahn Gillmor
We've had _notmuch_message_database() internally for a while, and it's useful. It turns out to be useful on the other side of the library interface as well (i'll use it later in this series for "notmuch show"), so we expose it publicly now. --- lib/| 10 +-

[PATCH v2 2/5] properties: add notmuch_message_count_properties

2018-01-09 Thread Daniel Kahn Gillmor
The user can already do this manually, of course, but (a) it's nice to have a convenience function, and (b) exposing this interface means that someone more clever with a _notmuch_string_map_t than i am can write a more efficient version if they like, and it will just accelerate the users of the