[Nouveau] [Bug 80901] [NVCF] PWM fan speed too high

2016-03-29 Thread bugzilla-daemon
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=80901 --- Comment #50 from Lars E Pettersson --- Any news on this issue? I removed the lines mentioned in comment 39 to see what happens, and up goes the fan speed. I.e. the problem seem to still exist... :( Running kernel at the

[Nouveau] GM108GLM?

2016-03-29 Thread Sune Mølgaard
Hiya, Is there any change for Quadro K620M support at some point in time, and what can I do to help, apart from the info below? Best regards, Sune Mølgaard dmesg |grep -i nouveau [1.164919] nouveau :08:00.0: unknown chipset (1183a0a2) [1.164943] nouveau: probe of :08:00.0