Re: [Nouveau] NVAC "No Signal"

2017-01-08 Thread Ben Skeggs
On 12/24/2016 07:48 PM, Roy Spliet wrote: > I've observed this regression on my NVAC board; a 1920x1080 TV on HDMI > (single monitor set-up) gets no signal with Fedora kernels from 4.8. > Trace sent to the mmio dumps mailbox. A brief scan already revealed that > register 0xe840 is never touched,

[Nouveau] Erros and warning using kernel 4.10-rc2

2017-01-08 Thread Marcos Paulo de Souza
Hi guys, I don't know if it is useful to just post some random kernel warnings/errors, but here they are: [marcos@xfiles ~]$ journalctl -b -p 3 | grep nouveau Jan 08 15:37:05 xfiles kernel: nouveau :04:00.0: volt: couldn't find speedo value, volting not possible Jan 08 15:37:05 xfiles