Re: [NPanday] - Proposal for NPanday-361

2011-03-02 Thread Lars Corneliussen
Should it be created if it doesn't exist? I suggest only automatic creation, when it is set to default location. Else it can be scaffolded using the generate-settings goal. What does maven do, if settings location is overridden? -- Message sent from mobile device Am 01.03.2011 um 18:09

[RESULT][VOTE] NPANDAY Version 1.3 Incubating

2011-03-02 Thread Josimpson Ocaba
The vote for releasing NPanday 1.3-incubating passes with 3 binding +1 votes, 3 non-binding +1 votes, zero 0 votes and zero -1 votes. Here are the details of the voting result (binding votes are from Apache Incubating PMC members ) : Brett Porter +1 (binding) Dennis Lundberg +1 (binding)