NPNY: [thebumpsquad] BET Awards Prince stole the show twice

2006-06-28 Thread j7rolthadice At the BET Awards Tuesday night, Prince didn't do a performance drive-by like he did at the American Idol finale. He stayed, got comfortable and even made a heartfelt speech to accept his best male RB artist award. In a night that featured high-energy

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] C.J.: Mani files 4 Divorce from Prince

2006-07-26 Thread j7rolthadice
Prince and Manuela are over. The rock star's second missus, Manuela Testolini Nelson, filed for divorce in Hennepin County District Court on May 24. Court documents obtained today indicate that she has hired Edward Winer, a great attorney, while Prince is represented by Alan Eidsness (about

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] New Official Prince site in the works?

2006-10-02 Thread j7rolthadice
I saw something interesting here: It's not the first time they post interesting stuff. Time will tell if they are right... New Prince Website in the Works? (Editor's Note: There was no ? mark but I added it because there is no

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Roise Gaines New CD Release date.

2006-10-10 Thread j7rolthadice This info is from Rosie Gaines myspace page; Hey guys the albums going to be released on the 30th/10/2006 I think you will be able to get it on amazon itunes etc and through hmv and record shops on the UK.. Thanks so much for all

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Prince is bringing Purple back....2 Vegas

2006-11-01 Thread j7rolthadice Prince club in Vegas? A sure bet it's a winner Prince is bringing purple back to Las Vegas, where he will open a club at which he's expected to perform two nights every weekend. Club 3121 is expected to open next month in the Rio Hotel Casino

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Prince show in Florida b4 Super Bowl January 31st, 2007

2006-12-11 Thread j7rolthadice 4 those making plans 2 attend the Super Bowl in Florida, there will be a pre-super Bowl Show Wed., January 31st at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood Florida. It is now posted on BUT, just like the New Years tickets at 3121 Las Vegas, they are not on

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Prince on the Cover of Live Design April 2007

2007-04-20 Thread j7rolthadice Due 2 copyright at the bottom, I am not going to copy and paste the story but it talks about the set up of the Half Time show and other interesting technical things. Posted by

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Updated 4 May. Planet Earth Tour, New cd...?

2007-05-08 Thread j7rolthadice U diggin those new pics? Http:// Http:// j7 - NewPowerNewYork Mailing List website: Www.NPNY.Org

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] 07/07/07 Show Tickets on sale this Saturday 06/02/07 + more info

2007-05-29 Thread j7rolthadice (This code may not show thru at this time but is a direct link. Not 2 worry as tickets are not on sale til this Saturday. More nfo: MPLS Radio KDWB's Dave Ryan announced this morning a package that

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] More Nfo on Macy's SPECIAL Concert 07/07/07

2007-05-29 Thread j7rolthadice
this is what I found on the Macy's site. The Ultimate Prince Xperience On 7/7/07, purple reigns. Join Macy's and Revelations Perfume Cosmetics as they present The Ultimate Prince Xperience exclusively at Macy's downtown Minneapolis. This unprecedented package includes: one ticket to a

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Columbia Signs Prince 4 Planet Earth Cd deal?

2007-06-01 Thread j7rolthadice PRINCE MEETS RUBIN: Prince's new album, Planet Earth, will be released by Columbia Records, as was his 2004 CD, Musciology. Last year's 3121 came out on Universal Republic. The first single, Guitar,

NPNY: [thebumpsquad] Roosevelt Pricing; Prince wants it 2 be $77.07

2007-06-20 Thread j7rolthadice
I have been informed it is the ROOSEVELT HOTEL that is selling the tickets at the current OVERPRICED rate since they have to Pay Prince his fee. Prince actually requested tix 2 b $77.07 There is only 1 sponsor 4 not that much and only 200 ppl versus the 1000 at the Rio. Moderator: Oh how