[ns] how to get SIFS, DIFS, RTS, CTS, DATA and ACK packet size

2006-08-06 Thread ns user
dear all, can anyone help me how to get values of RTS, CTS, DATA and ACK packet size of 802.11 Ad hoc net. also i want to know the way to get SIFS and DIFS values. please reply, urgent

[ns] Missing MAC collisions in EDCA simulations

2006-08-06 Thread Sven Kopetzki
Hello All, I recently played around with the IEEE 802.11e EDCA Model from TKN Berlin. I used ns 2.28. I enabled MAC tracing in their example script 'multi_udpflows.tcl' and set all UDP agents to priority 0. Surprisingly there were no collisions in the trace file. So, I disabled edca support [set

[ns] delaySamp_ object and Delay samples

2006-08-06 Thread Filippos Kolovos
Dear all, has anybody used, or tried to use the delaySamp_ object that is provided with a queuemonitor object? In the manual it states that this object can be used to measure queue delays (page 76 of ns-manual). It has two methods: $queuemonitor get-delay-samples, which says it returns a

[ns] A compiling error

2006-08-06 Thread Fan Xiaopeng
Dear all, I have a question about compiling NS2. When I replaced ../pgm/pgm-agent.cc with my own one, I recompile the source code and encountered the following error. trace/trace.cc: In member function `virtual void DequeTrace::recv(Packet*, Handler*)': trace/trace.cc:567: warning: int

[ns] Calculate Average queue delay and average queue size - Explained

2006-08-06 Thread Filippos Kolovos
Dear ns-community, I probably have found a way to answer my own question which was posted previously concerning the calculation of average queue delay and size with monitor objects. After thorough study, I eventually found out what one has to do in order to calculate the average queue delay and

[ns] Two mobility models in one simulation - attack/adversary modelling?

2006-08-06 Thread Martin Junkersen
Dear NS users Is it somehow possible to have two different mobility models in the same simulation? I have been looking on a few trace file generators and a number of research articles, and I have been unable to find any of them, which used two different kind of mobility in the same

[ns] how to create .o files

2006-08-06 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi, I want to add a new module in ns2, I have created file.cc/h, but I don't know how to create file.o (to put into makefile). Can anybody help me with this? please it's important Thanks in advance. Armelle. _ Retrouvez tout

[ns] [BUG] -- MAC 802.11, the error frame presumption

2006-08-06 Thread JengFarn Lee
Hi to all, The current ns-2 implementation has a problem in mis-identify the frames sent from stations located between carrier sense and transmission range of receivers as error frames which will cause significant throughput unfairness resulting in many wrong simulation results in

Re: [ns] how to make .o files

2006-08-06 Thread Buvaneshwari M
where do you want your Pick.o to be in- thats where you place your .h/cc Message: 7 Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 15:51:47 +0200 From: Bie New Subject: [ns] how to make .o files To: ns-users@ISI.EDU Message-ID:

[ns] how to find the SNR and BER

2006-08-06 Thread sivagami amirthalingam
I am simulating Wireless network for IEEE 802.11standard. To analysis the network, I have chosen delay, througput , SNR and BER parameters. Any body can help me to calculate the SNR and BER value. One more question. Any one tell how to set the value 'd' (no of packets after which

[ns] how to analysis the performance of routing protocols

2006-08-06 Thread sivagami amirthalingam
I have simulated wireless network with 40 nodes. A node 1 is sending TCP tranffic to Node 38 which is about 600 km distance. I have tried with DSR, AODV, and DSDV routing protocol. I am interested in throughput and delay analysis. DSDV protocol is working fine and I can get the thorughput at