Re: [ns] dei80211mr-1.1.1 Tabella non inizializzata 1

2007-12-09 Thread Nicola Baldo

ryan m wrote:
 I'm using dei80211mr-1.1.1 and ns-allinone-2.31 and I want to simulate
 a typical 802.11g ad-hoc network, so I set the following parameters to
 that end.
 $mac($i) dataMode_ Mode54Mb
 $mac($i) basicMode_ Mode2Mb
 With these settings (and several others) I'm getting the error
 Tabella non inizializzata 1 repetatly to cerr, 

Ok I'll translate that error message to something more meaningful for 
english speakers in the next release ;-)

This error occurs when a Packet Error Rate value cannot be found for 
some PHYMode. The common reason for the error is that you did not load 
the correct Packet Error Rate table into an instance of a PER object.

In the adhoc_tcp.tcl script this is done using the following command:

set per [new PER]
$per loadPERTable80211gTrivellato

but that table is for 802.11g modes only. If you try, e.g., to use 
Mode1Mb in the same simluation script, you'll get the error you mentioned.

In dei80211mr we provide also a PER table for 802.11b, which is loaded 
using this command:

$per loadPERTable80211bIntersilHFA3861B

You can also define your own PER table if you wish. Just have a look at 
src/per_table_*.tcl to see how to do it. The last four values for each 
row are: PHYmode packetsize SNR(dB) PacketErrorRate



[ns] Fwd: Bandwidth Adaptation

2007-12-09 Thread sivakami kalathy

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[ns] streaming video over wireless networks

2007-12-09 Thread jiali peng

Hi,every body!
I want to streaming video over wireless networks.But I am a ns2 newbie.

Would you give me some suggestions?

[ns] help:simulate gprs network

2007-12-09 Thread jiali peng

hi, everybody!

I want to simulate the gprs network.I've download the

But I dont know how to begin my work.

Would anyone give me some suggestion?


Cecilia P.

[ns] Help!! anyone can help me about this simulation!!!!!

2007-12-09 Thread muhamad faiz arief budianto

Help!! anyone can help me about simulate WSN in ns2?
I've try to use the usual wireless simulation but i ignore the power factor.
I use the DSR. My problem is how to connect or send packet from node 1 to 4
with this kind of topology:

1  2  3 - 4

node-1 just have the comm range for node 2
node-2 just have the comm range for node 1  3
node-3 just have the comm range for node 2  4
node-4 just have the comm range for node 3