Re: [ns] dei80211mr-1.1.1 Tabella non inizializzata 1

2007-12-09 Thread Nicola Baldo
ryan m wrote: hello, I'm using dei80211mr-1.1.1 and ns-allinone-2.31 and I want to simulate a typical 802.11g ad-hoc network, so I set the following parameters to that end. $mac($i) dataMode_ Mode54Mb $mac($i) basicMode_ Mode2Mb With these settings (and several others) I'm

[ns] Fwd: Bandwidth Adaptation

2007-12-09 Thread sivakami kalathy
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[ns] streaming video over wireless networks

2007-12-09 Thread jiali peng
Hi,every body! I want to streaming video over wireless networks.But I am a ns2 newbie. Would you give me some suggestions?

[ns] help:simulate gprs network

2007-12-09 Thread jiali peng
hi, everybody! I want to simulate the gprs network.I've download the gprs-072501-2.1b7a.tar.gz. But I dont know how to begin my work. Would anyone give me some suggestion? Regards! Cecilia P.

[ns] Help!! anyone can help me about this simulation!!!!!

2007-12-09 Thread muhamad faiz arief budianto
Help!! anyone can help me about simulate WSN in ns2? I've try to use the usual wireless simulation but i ignore the power factor. I use the DSR. My problem is how to connect or send packet from node 1 to 4 with this kind of topology: 1 2 3 - 4 note: node-1 just have the comm range