[ns] WiMax mesh patch Documentation

2007-12-20 Thread Atul Singh
Dear All, Did any one of you are having any documentation regarding the WiMax mesh patch discussed at ns-blogspot.com or the patch at mentioned link : http://info.iet.unipi.it/~cng/ns2mesh80216/ns2mesh80216-2.31-071030.patch.gz Thanking you in advance. Warm Regards, Atul Singh INDIA

[ns] Implementing access point in ns2

2007-12-20 Thread yuva chitra
hi, I am doing my project in the field of VoIP on wireless networks. Can anyone help me with the information of how to implement an access point in ns2. It would be really helpful for me to carry on with my work.. Thanks in advance

[ns] Errors and channel

2007-12-20 Thread Basim Javed
hello all Could you please help me regarding understanding of error conditions over a WLAN channel. I need to have your point of views on the statement: Are channel conditions entirely summarized in error rates? waiting for your responses...thanks regards b

Re: [ns] command to create mac_802-11.o in Makefile

2007-12-20 Thread Arvind Swaminathan
Thanks a lot for your replies Rennie and Matthias. This is really helpful. Arvind On Dec 19, 2007 7:48 PM, Rennie deGraaf [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Dec 18, 2007 8:55 PM, Arvind Swaminathan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In the Makefile only the objects are listed. I don't see the rules for

Re: [ns] Implementing access point in ns2

2007-12-20 Thread Arvind Swaminathan
They are only now releasing a patch to use the ns2 code in infrastructure mode. Check U wasington's Funlab website for details. It is still being tested before formal release. Arvind On Dec 20, 2007 5:01 AM, yuva chitra [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi, I am doing my project in the field of

[ns] using patches

2007-12-20 Thread Arvind Swaminathan
Hi everybody, There seem to be several patches to the 802.11 code (802.11e support, link adapation+Fading channel, infratsructure mode etc.). Will these eventually be added to the main release? Until then, can someone point me to a resource that expalins the meaning of patch and on how to

[ns] Which UMTS extension is the best to transport my video data .

2007-12-20 Thread jiali peng
Hi,ns-users, I want to simulate an UMTS network to transport video data from UE ( an mobile equipment) to the host in Internet. It means the UE will transmit data via up-link. I have investigated some UMTS extensions to ns-2. The UMTS extensions I've found are listed as follows: