Re: [ns] ns2 project

2011-05-13 Thread chethan kumar
hello sir i am chethan i have taken the paper(An Efficient N-to-1 Multipath Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks) attached with this mail to implement could u please send me the source code of it. i eagarly waiting for your response i will be very thankful to you if you send me the code

[ns] Wiamx Simulation Script Problem

2011-05-13 Thread sajeeb saha
Hello everyone, I need some help regarding wimax simulation. I have written a wimax simulation script with 2 base stations. My flow is something like this : WL(0) -- BS(0) --- BS(1) --- WL(3). But my code is always skipping BS(1).  I am not getting the problem. Can you help me in this

[ns] Error in classifier when enforcing the destination of the packets

2011-05-13 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi everyone, I'm trying to redirect packets from source to (another destination) in routing layer, but this error appear, any one have any idea? current number of current packet inside (rt_resolve) is  (1)--- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o80: no target for


2011-05-13 Thread Sandy Haff
Greetings all . i want to do some sinaro regarding Mobile wimax handover and i don't have a lot of experiences in ns-2 and im really in a bad time . so if there is anyone can help me with that i will be very thankful ,  and i can pay for it too ,  just please help me please  how ever can

[ns] error in bcast protocol

2011-05-13 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
hi every one, I am trying to simulate the bcast protocol orginally it is for ns2.27 but i am trying to run it under ns2.34 but I got those error I hope you can help me in this issue. this is the error: In file included from ./bcast/bcast.h:63, from

[ns] Scenario generation in NS-2

2011-05-13 Thread Zilu LIANG
Hello guys, Does any one knows how to generate scenarios in which the initial positions of the nodes are the same, only the moving speed is different? Any comment is welcomed! Thanks in advance! Cheers! Pandita