[ns] security implementation

2011-12-23 Thread Sandy Haff

hi all . does anyone have a tcl script scenario of implementing authentication 
features or any security  protocol on handover wimax any 
security implementation will help thank a lot 

[ns] How can a route cache be deleted of a node using DSR protocol ?

2011-12-23 Thread Chandrabhan Pradhan

 Hello Experts,
  Is it possible to delete route cache of a source node at
 certain time if the topology is using DSR routing protocol. What is the tcl
 code for this ?

 Reply please.Thanx n Regards

 Chandrabhan Pradhan

   MTech, CSE


[ns] WRP and FSR

2011-12-23 Thread Aziz

Dear All,

I am new to ns2, i want to simulate the WRP and FSR routing protocols
for MANET. I have installed ns2.34 and working. Please send me the
required patches with instruction.

I will be very thankful to you.

Thanks in advance
Seeking for kind response