[ns] FW: wimax simulation_nist module: multiple BSs

2011-12-27 Thread Nor Affida M.Zin
Hello, Has anyone do the wimax simulation using the nist module? Can this module support the simulation for multiple base stations (BSs)? Thanks and Regards Nor Affida M. Zin Postgraduate Student Photonic Technology Center Faculty of Electrical Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

[ns] FW: wimax simulation_nist module: multiple BSs

2011-12-27 Thread sajeeb saha
Hi Nor Affida M.Zin, I have tried to run a simulation with 2 BS but failed. I didn't find any docs regarding this. So if you find let others also to know about this. If anyone knows about this please replay.   , Sajeeb Saha 10th Batch,CSEDU +8801914754181   

[ns] Rate Adaptation for the Multirate 802_11 using ARF Algorithm

2011-12-27 Thread Firooz B. Saghezchi
Dear all, I am trying to implement the link adaptation of the 802.11g using the ARF (or the RBAR) algorithm. I added the following piece of code to the adhoc_tcp.tcl (the sample file in the dei80211mr-1.1.4), but doesn't change the rate correctly. Can anyone provide me some hints in this

[ns] how to measure energy consumption

2011-12-27 Thread CHALIDA
Dear everyone, i've load an example for measuring energy comsumption but i'm wondering about a trace file.what dose it means when the trace state s -t 0.182646019 -Hs 3 -Hd -1 -Ni 3 -Nx 342.85 -Ny 419.96 -Nz 0.00 -Ne 19.998848 -Nl RTR -Nw --- -Ma 0 -Md 0 -Ms 0 -Mt 0 -Is 3.255 -Id -1.255 -It