Re: [ns] NS error (Wired cum Wireless 200 mobile nodes)

2012-05-23 Thread Manfe

Would be easier to identify the errors if code is available...

Shahid-3 wrote:
 Here is the error
 Can any one guide
 Starting Simulation...
 classifier _o20
 --- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) ---
   _o20: no target for slot 1023
   0 offset
   22 shift
   1023 mask
   1 slots
   slot 0: _o21 (Classifier/Addr)
 num_nodes is set 204 - Calc highestAntennaZ_ and distCST_
 highestAntennaZ_ = 1.5,  distCST_ = 550.0
   _o20 type: Classifier/Addr
 content dump:
 -- Finished standard no-slot{} default handler --

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[ns] Help in Reading output file GT-ITM

2012-05-23 Thread Zakia Khalfallah

Dear all,
i need to comment the output file (alternative format) generated by 
GT-ITM.(example of 4 nodes below)I can't see the direct link between vertices . 
Also , i didn't understand the utility and meaning of the first bloc (VERTICES, 
u v w x y z). In EDGES bloc, does lenght refer to number of hops ?
Any comments that can help me please ?
Thank you and good luckZak

GRAPH (#nodes #edges id uu vv ww xx yy zz):
4 8 geo(0,{4,4,3,0.500,0.000,0.000}) 4 

VERTICES (index name u v w x y z):
0 0 1 2 
1 1 3 3  
2 2 0 0 
3 3 0 3 

EDGES (from-node to-node length a b):
0 3 1 0 
0 2 2 0 
0 1 2 0 
2 3 3 0 


Re: [ns] Need help in Ns2 project

2012-05-23 Thread devilvsevil

Dear Developers,

I am student working on my thesis which is related to NS2.I need help in
project.I can pay also in it.Please do help me.I tried on several forum but
unable to find some who can help me.Please i humbly request to developer to
help me in it.

Here is detail:

Integrate Simulation package in Ns2.33 which as tested in Ns2.28.Need some
changed in Simulation Package(which can be downloaded from here).It was
build with old g

Merge Energy saving features in this Simulation Package.


[ns] CFP ComManTel 2013 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, January 21-24, 2013

2012-05-23 Thread Jaime Lloret Mauri

/* Apologies for cross-postings */

Call for Papers 
The International Conference on Computing, Management and Telecommunications
(ComManTel 2013)

January 21-24, 2013
Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Dawn of New Technology

ComManTel 2013 is organized by the Radio  Electronics of HCM City (REH) and 
Duy Tan University. 
ComManTel 2013 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE and IEEE Communications 
Society Vietnam Chapter.
Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings 
and IEEE Xplore® (IEEE Digital Library).

**Scope and Motivation**
You are cordially invited to participate in and attend The International 
Conference on Computing, 
Management and Telecommunications (ComManTel 2013) to be held in the Rex Hotel, 
Ho Chi Minh City, 
Vietnam on January 21-24, 2013. The conference is to address, explore and 
exchange information on 
the state-of-the-art in all types of Computing, Management and 
We are interested in visionary, experimental, systems-related and work 
in-progress papers on the 
current state of research in Computing, Management and Telecommunications and 
related issues. 

**Topics of Interest**

The ComManTel 2013 seeks original contributions in, but not limited to, the 
following tracks topical areas:

* Computing Technologies
- Parallel and distributing computing
- High-performance computing
- Grid computing
- Could computing
- Green computing
- Ubiquitous computing
- Peer-to-peer and cluster computing
- Software engineering and knowledge engineering
- Artificial intelligence and machine learning
- Knowledge discovery and data mining
- Virtual reality and visualization
- Biomedical informatics and computation
- Mobile learning applications
- Mobile development applications
- Computing applications in education
- Computing applications and architectures in health
- Pervasive and wearable computing
- Web-based computing and services
- Wireless and mobile computing
- Multimedia computing applications and architectures
- Security and trust computing 
- Computing operating systems

* Information Technology Management
- Information management
- Innovation and technology management
- Knowledge management 
- Project management
- Policy management
- Engineering management and applications
- Theories and methodologies of enterprise management
- System engineering and operational research
- E-business and E-government
- Business intelligence and web services
- Logistics and supply chain management
- Ethics in technology management
- Resource management 
- Strategic management 
- Supply change management 
- Systems management

* Telecommunications Systems and Networks
- Cooperative communications
- Cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access
- Modulation, coding, and diversity techniques
- Signal detection and parameter estimation
- Signal, image and video processing
- Decoding and encoding techniques
- Multi-carrier systems, including OFDM
- Multiple-input multiple-output techniques
- Security of telecommunications
- Ultra-wideband and spread spectrum communications
- Cellular systems, 2G/2.5G/3G/4G and beyond 
- WiMAX, LTE, WMAN, and other emerging broadband wireless networks 
- Body-based wireless networks 
- Wireless networks for underwater and UAVs communications 
- Delay tolerant wireless networks 
- Wireless ad hoc, mesh and sensor networks 
- Peer-to-peer wireless networks
- Wireless Internet and mobile IP 
- Routing and multicasting protocols 
- Resource management, mobility management, and admission control 

**Submission Guidelines**

Submitted papers must represent original material that is not currently under 
review in any other conference or journal, 
and has not been previously published. Authors must submit their work 
electronically through EDAS system at 
The paper should have a maximum of 6 pages in the IEEE format (available at Papers must be submitted in PDF format only.
Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings 
and IEEE Xplore® (IEEE Digital Library).

High quality papers will be invited to be submitted to one of 3 Journal Special 
JoC, FTRA Publishing,
IJITCC Journal, InderScience,
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 

**Important Dates**

Submission of full papers:  August 31, 2012 
Notification of acceptance: October 15, 2012
Camera ready papers and registration:   November 30, 2012
Main Conference:January 21-24, 2013

**Orgnization Committee**
Honorary Conference Chair
Nguyen Minh Duc REV Vice President, REH Secretary-General, Chairman of 

[ns] ./ns command failed

2012-05-23 Thread vindhya

Hi ,

I extracted a new ns folder onto root in redhat linux version 5.When i
tried to run a tcl file using ./ns command it throws me the following

./ns: /lib/ 'GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found(required by

Kindly help me ASAP...

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[ns] HO Delay or latency

2012-05-23 Thread Sandy Haff

hi there 
can anyone please tell me how to caculate the handover delay or latency in 
movie wimax 
any formula or equation