Re: [ns] instl of gt-itm and sgb2ns

2005-12-28 Thread Filippos Kolovos
Yes, you're right. As far as I remember, there is not a configure file to execute when bulding gt-itm. What you will have to do is switch in your gt-itm/src directory and from there execute make all. However, for the other error that you report below, please note that there is a version

Re: [ns] about using RIP or OSPF

2005-12-28 Thread Vincent Nauwelaers
I'm also working on a protocol which will use OSPF I spent a lot of time discovering the workings of NS-2, there is indeed a map ./ns-2/linkstate which implements a LS routing algo, yet if this includes all features of OSPF is a question to which I still need an answer. sincerely -

Re: [ns] Makefile:233: *** commands commence before first target. Stop.

2005-12-28 Thread Kamal Gakhar
though not familiar with this paper's detail or code it seems to me a configuration problem. check out path etc. and also source code (whether written for earlier or later versions). did you need to install their piece of code, if yes, then using it directly on an ns already on ur system might

Re: [ns] Random cross-traffic generation

2005-12-28 Thread Kamal Gakhar
using random utilities in ns2, try to alternate traffic at different times. also plz let me know what do you mean by term cross-traffic?? thanks On 12/28/05, Amit Mondal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, Any idea about how to generate random cross traffic in ns-2. For my simulation, to

Re: [ns] compute jitter, delay, througput from .tr file in Enhaced DCF simulations

2005-12-28 Thread Kamal Gakhar
try some utilities avaliable on Eitan Altman ns2 home page. obviously you might need to change depending upon traffic type. here is a link: regards On 12/28/05, Rudrashetty shetty [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: sir/madam ! I have

[ns] Q] how to implement an agent (traffic generator) on top of MAC

2005-12-28 Thread Myung-Ah Park
I want to build an agent which is a Poisson traffic generator on top of MAC layer. I do not need any routing module since traffic in my simulation is local, meaning that the destination of a packet is one of neighbors of a given node. (random traffic per packet basis) With my little