Re: [ns] problem running examples

2006-02-05 Thread Filippos Kolovos
The problem is that even though you have Cygwin you do not have an X environment to execute X applications as NAM. The solution to this problem, would be to install (in addition to cygwin), the KDE ebvironment for Windows, that co-operates with cygwin. In this way you will have an X desktop,

[ns] R: Can we get rid of TCP in wireless?

2006-02-05 Thread Marco Fiore
It seems that all the wireless network simulation examples in ns tutorials adopt such a format: app-TCP/UDP-routing-MAC-PHY. However, there is no transport protocol in real wireless implementations. Is it possible to get rid of TCP/UDP and connect application directly to the routing?

[ns] implementation of multicast protocols of MANET in ns-2.28

2006-02-05 Thread Pooja Vyavahare
hello all, I am new to NS and wanted to use multicasting protocols in MObile ad-hoc networks loke ODMRP, AMRIS AMRoute. Inn many of thye papers in litarature it is written that they are available in NS. But in NS-2.28 i could not found them. can anyone is having these implementations? Can u


2006-02-05 Thread Mohammed Abu-Khadra
Hi all, well i tried to run an example which executes the xgraph but didn`t work .. am using cygwin and NS-v 2.29 .. though i have the directory xgraph-12.1 .. plzz help me .. and here is the result $ ns example4.tcl ns: finish: couldn't execute xgraph: no such file or directory while

[ns] NS2 Topology

2006-02-05 Thread lekkie omotayo
II'm a newbie to NS2, I wil like u guys to help me out. I will like to know how to generate a topology of mobile nodes with access point (one or more). The tutorialz I read were using the Ad Hoc routing method but I will like to use the Infrasture routing method. Thnx. (Is there any tool for

[ns] Queue length for wireless enviorenment

2006-02-05 Thread dharmendra
Hi, I have some doubts regarding wireless medium as: Where is queue in wireless medium between a tcp source and sink? For wired medium i think queue is in the wired link. Thanks in advance Dharmendra -- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is

[ns] Fwd: help needed flow monitoring

2006-02-05 Thread Kamal Gakhar
1. how do i interpret the per flow trace file? It depends what performance parameters you ld like to look at. So first check that. Once done, approach packet by packet, read notes Eitan Altman's notes on ns2 on how to use trace files. (how to extract useful interepretation). 2. how do i make

Re: [ns] Ns2 version for Ad hoc networks

2006-02-05 Thread Filippos Kolovos
The version I could use would be NS-2.28 at the earliest. -Fk -- Forwarded message -- From: raja priya [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: NS ns-users@ISI.EDU Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 22:49:42 -0800 (PST) Subject: [ns] Ns2 version for Ad hoc networks Hi I am interested in working in

Re: [ns] Can we get rid of TCP in wireless?

2006-02-05 Thread Filippos Kolovos
I would not agree with that, since for example AODV, one of the most common routing protocols in MANETs uses UDP to transmit its routing packets (RREQ, RERR, etc). However, in order to avoid TCP/UDP you would have to tamper with the specific application that accesses these layers in the source

[ns] Messages from the App layer to the Routing Layer

2006-02-05 Thread Jon de Andrés
Hello, I'm looking for a way to send some extra info form the Application layer to the Routing Agent. I'm using AODV as routing protocol, do you know in wich ns-2 source files should I look to make this? Thank you very much. -- Jon de Andrés Frías GPG:

[ns] user-defined data over UDP

2006-02-05 Thread Suhaib Obeidat
Dear all, I am trying to send user-defined packets over UDP. Can any body provide me with the changes that need to be made in order to override the send/receive functions so that UDP will transport my packets. I really need this quickly, so please help if you know Thanks alot Suhaib

[ns] problem with new Ping over AODV protocol...

2006-02-05 Thread Henrik Nilsson
Hi all, sorry bout the repost but my last mail looked strange :\ I would be really happy if anyone could help me with my ns2 problem. Im trying to write my own ping protocol running on AODV, and I am getting some strange behaviour. It seems like the packets arent recognised in the trace files