[ns] Is there anyone who use OWns?

2006-02-18 Thread NieJun
Dear all: I can't install owns correctly,i use ns-2.26, and i install the owns following the readme file, i found that the ns/tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl is quite different from the old versions, i add the lines which don't exist comparing with the file in modified directory. And i run the install

[ns] how to know residual power in the bluetooth node

2006-02-18 Thread omar megdadi
Hi all, i want to design a new power-aware AODV protocol in bluetooth scatternet network based in the battery life time of node. please can anyone tell me about c++ code in ns simulator how to know the residual power left in the bluetooth node after sending or receiving a packet .

[ns] New version of RSVP

2006-02-18 Thread Alexander Sayenko
Hi A new version of the RSVP protocol for NS-2 is available. It contains several fixes for memory leaks and provides better organization of the internal data structures. The functionality is the same. http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~sayenko/src/ns-2.28-rsvp2.diff.gz Sincerely, Alexander Sayenko (PhD)

[ns] Help needed in trace file

2006-02-18 Thread A Anupama
Hi When an entry will be made in a trace file (for control traffic)... If we use AODV protocol, when an entry for REQUEST will be made either when the RREQ packet is sheduled to send or when a RREQ is received by a node (or agent) ? How can we know the path followed by a node while

[ns] Changing beacon period in NS2.28 MIP

2006-02-18 Thread altaf hussain
Dear Users I want to study the behaviour of changing beacon periods in MIP implemented in NS version 2.28. In file mip-reg.cc I did the binding for MIPBSAGENT between C++ and Otcl as bind(beacon_, beacon_); but when I run the tcl script it does not change the default value of 1 sec.

Re: [ns] Visualization tool for Wireless Networks

2006-02-18 Thread Michele Battelli
Hi Leo, you can find all the informations about iNSpect here: http://toilers.mines.edu/Public/Tools I also suggest to read the papers MANET Simulations: The Incredibles and A visualization and animation tool for NS-2 wireless simulations: iNSpect by Stuart Kurkowski, Tracy Camp, and

Re: [ns] ns can not be constructed

2006-02-18 Thread Filippos Kolovos
Aren't there any other errors returned from make, above the Error1 line? There must be. Also, I checked that on your reference to he second agent is .../anotheragent.o instead of ../anotheragent (notice .../ and ../) . However, I do not think that this was the error but just a typo you made while