[ns] How to set the value nfdl and maxfdls for OBSns!

2006-05-03 Thread Ekularn Dhavarudha
Dear all, I am using OBSns based on ns2-28. I am confusing what is the meaning of the parameters ndfl and maxflds and how to input these values. If any one know, please help. Thanks in advance. Ekularn Dhavarudha

[ns] MANET How can I count routing packets of each node by others?

2006-05-03 Thread S. Alex Nikzad
Hello everyone, I am doing a simulation project similar your work on intrusion detection in MANET... In my project, I've focused on DSR How and from which file(s) can I detect and COUNT number of RREP packets and number of RREQ packets of node j by node node i? Thanx in advace

Re: [ns] UM-OLSR running very slowly

2006-05-03 Thread Francisco J. Ros
Hi Manjusha, You should try the latest UM-OLSR release for ns2.29. The code works for ns2.28 too, but the patch isn't provided. The simulations run faster with the latest release. However, the code isn't optimized and it's still slower than other routing protocol implementations which come

[ns] i m hitting segmenatation fault ...when i using getloc() funtion........

2006-05-03 Thread samanasrikanth samana
hi ns users. i m working on new routing protocol and i need to get the location of other node...when i condition is satisfied. so i could do tht using .the folllowing code. . ... Node* thisNode =

[ns] Simulating node failures

2006-05-03 Thread Dhammika Pathirana
Hi, What is the easiest way to simulate node failures (in wireless nets) in ns-2. I was trying to find a way to simulate node failures but I could not find any built in mechanisms for that. It seem like node failures are simulated by individual link failures. But then they are not the same.

[ns] calculate the burst time for TCP

2006-05-03 Thread anusherin
sir/madam plz help me how to calculate the burst time for TCP. Thanks in advance anu ___ No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding. Make My Way your home on the Web - http://www.myway.com

Re: [ns] Simulating node failures

2006-05-03 Thread Hai Nam
On 5/3/06, Dhammika Pathirana [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, What is the easiest way to simulate node failures (in wireless nets) in ns-2. I was trying to find a way to simulate node failures but I could not find any built in mechanisms for that. It seem like node failures are simulated by

[ns] ns source code

2006-05-03 Thread Pranay Prateek
can anybody help me to find how do i get the ns2.29 source code ?i have installed ns2.29 on my debian box ,but i dont know where its source code lies? actually i need to see the C++ code as to how ns2 implements pareto distribution in queueing ? Pranay

[ns] what is the OTCL code that Uses FECModel in NS2?

2006-05-03 Thread qadous
Dear ns-users, Please, I need to know how FECModel is used inside the ns2. what is the OTCL code for using it. This model available in: FEC.h and FEC.cc in ns-2.29\queue\ your help is highly appreciated. Regards This

Re: [ns] ns source code

2006-05-03 Thread Vindya Amaradasa
You will find the source code for a Pareto ON-OFF source in ~\ns-allinone-2.29\ns-2.29\tools\pareto.cc Regards, Vindya - Original Message - From: Pranay Prateek [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ns-users@ISI.EDU Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 2:20 PM Subject: [ns] ns source code can anybody

[ns] NS 2.1b9a (TeNs) Installation problem

2006-05-03 Thread uri lopez
Hi all, I'm trying to install TeNS (The Enhanced Network Simulator) and I have not find any way to do it. This program works only with the NS version 2.1b9a. I try to install this ns version but when I execute ./install the installation fails. Some of the modules can be correctly installed but

Re: [ns] Help on mysnoop.tcl

2006-05-03 Thread Sergio Higón Fernández
Hi, I'm Sergio. I was reading your mails and I ask your for your help. I'm doing doing a project about wireless networks and the use of a snoop is one of the issues. Please can you send to me the tcl code with the snoop. I have some problems and I want to see one example. My e-mail is

[ns] the neighbors in networks simulator,no one can help me?

2006-05-03 Thread www triste
Hello everybody, i ask this question 3 times,but no one help me i delate the Isneighbor fonction in god.cc and i recompile the ns-allinone,nothing change,no probleme when i compile my tcl file!! that s mean that aodv package don't use the Isneighbor fonction help me please,really i can't

[ns] DSR-how many data flows a node is accomodating-to find bandwidth usage?

2006-05-03 Thread Mahesh
hi guyz i need some help here is there any way to find how many data flows a particular node is accomodating right now in DSR code (C++) in ns-2. i just need to find the number of flows a node is transmitting at a particular point of time so that i could find out the bandwidth that is

Re: [ns] Wireless transmissions look like they take no time

2006-05-03 Thread Daniel Mahrenholz
Hi Paul, Paul Vincent Craven schrieb: I'm trying a very simple wireless simulation while I'm learning to use ns-2. The output of it seems to show the wireless transmissions happening instantly: s 10.0 _0_ AGT --- 4 cbr 1000 [0 0 0 0] --- [0:0 1:0 32 0] [0] 0 0 r 10.0

Re: [ns] the more realist model taking in consideration the obstacl

2006-05-03 Thread Daniel Mahrenholz
Hi, www triste schrieb: Hello everybody i want to use a realist propagation model,because i think that TwoRayGround usually used in ns2 is not realist because it is not taking in consideration the obstacls,i find in ns titoriel shadowing model is it realist?thanks for informations

Re: [ns] why noone wants to help me? :(

2006-05-03 Thread Daniel Mahrenholz
Hi, [EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb: I'm sorry that I am writing in such way, but I really need help. I am trying to install ns-2.1b7a because I want to patch gprs wrote by Richa Jain. I tried installing it and I have such error: tclcl-mappings.h: In static member function #8216;static int