[ns] Regarding dijkstra.cc file

2006-07-31 Thread piyush sharma
Hi Everybody, There is a question regarding the implementation of dijkstra's shortest path routing algorithm is ns2 (dijkstra.cc file). The code begins with two set of nodes: Q and S. Initially the set Q contains all the nodes of the graph while the set S is empty. Now a node is moved from Q to

[ns] How to get the init link parameters using c++?

2006-07-31 Thread 王刚
Hi,I want to do some simulation about qos routing,and in c++ I need to know the link bandwidth and link delay,which is set in tcl topology script. For example, set n0 [$ns node] set n1 [$ns node] set n2 [$ns node] set n3 [$ns node] $ns duplex-link $n0 $n1 1.5Mb 10ms DropTail $ns duplex-link $n1

Re: [ns] AntNet source code for ns2- 2.29

2006-07-31 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- You might have already seen this site, but in any other case it might be helpful. http://www.item.ntnu.no/~wittner/ns/ It has ant-like code, but it is for ns-2.28. I think you might be able to adapt it to ns-2.29. Hope that I have helped. Regards, -Fk On 7/30/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL

[ns] Help - Cluster Tree Protocol

2006-07-31 Thread Ashish Gupta
Hello all Currently, I am working on my Master's Thesis. I am new to NS and I have to use Cluster Tree protocol. I would like to know if any one working over the Cluster in NS and where I can find the implementation or how can I implement it on NS Thanks in advance Ashish

[ns] how can i generate a large topology of a single hope ad hoc network

2006-07-31 Thread ns user
dear ns users, how can i generate a large topology (50 nodes fro example) of a single hope ad hoc network (802.11). i don't know what to do to be sure that each node is in the transmision range of all other nodes. is this sufficient to ensure that the network is single hope ? and if it is

Re: [ns] could't execute xgraph ---- ns2

2006-07-31 Thread M. Akif YAZICI
The problem is that the path of xgraph is not included in your PATH variable. There are two solutions. One is adding the path to your PATH variable. You can do so by adding a line similar to PATH=~/ns-allinone-2.29 /xgraph-12.1:${PATH} to the file .bash_profile. Of course, ~/ns-

[ns] Re : how can i generate a large topology of a single hope ad hocnetwork

2006-07-31 Thread ns user
thank u for the idea. but i'm new with NS2, and don't know how can i get or set the radio coverage of a node. - Message d'origine De : zze-TOUROLLE Benjamin RD-CORE-CAE [EMAIL PROTECTED] À : ns user [EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé le : Lundi, 31 Juillet 2006, 10h40mn 18s Objet : RE: [ns]

[ns] How to simulate an Ad Hoc network under saturation condition ??

2006-07-31 Thread ns user
hello all, i would like to simulate an Ad Hoc (802.11) network that is working under saturation condidtion. this means that at each moment all nodes have at least one packet in their queue waiting to be sent. so, i don't know how to do this using ns2. best regards.

[ns] calculate hop-count of the shortest path

2006-07-31 Thread Hai Nam
Hello, I'm looking for a tool that calculate the number of hops used in the shortest route in order to compare with the route found by routing protocol. In [1] they (the Monarch group) said that this shortest path is found internally by the simulator, but I don't know how to get this value. If I

[ns] How to Send only ONE packet ???

2006-07-31 Thread Nicholas Loulloudes
Hello, Is there a way i can send from one node to an other node only ONE UDP packet? Best Regards, -- Nicholas Loulloudes Postgraduate at Communication Networks and Software. BSc in Computer Science.

[ns] managing priority based queue

2006-07-31 Thread Muhammad Azam Akram
HI i will highly appriciate if anybody let me know how to implement priority based queue for wireless ad hoc networks in ns2. i want to classify different network traffic into different classess and on the base of that classification i will add received packets to a queue waiting for

[ns] where I can get ns code for SMAC protocol?

2006-07-31 Thread P.Reena
Hello to all, I had earlier asked where I can get ns code for SMAC protocol?. Since then I have located it in the MAC folder. Sorry for the botheration. Reena Research scolar, NIT calicut

[ns] xgraph-12.1 compiling problem

2006-07-31 Thread Mohadig Rousstia
Dear you, I am quite new in NS-2, then I faced with porblem of installation of xgraph package. I have succesfully installed the required packages for ns-2.29.3, such as OTcl,ns, tk, tcl, etc, but optional package, namely xgraph-12.1. Further information, I tried to compile xgraph in