[ns] How to measure the signal to interference value

2006-08-03 Thread sivagami amirthalingam
I am simulating Wireless network for IEEE 802.11standard. To analysis the network, I have chosen delay, througput , SNR and BER parameters. Any body can help me to calculate the SNR and BER value. One more question. Any one tell how to set the value 'd' (no of packets after which the

[ns] Queue Length at MAC. (repeated question)

2006-08-03 Thread Sameh Gobriel
Hi Ns-Users, I am trying to access the ifq from inside mac802.11. After searching the list I discovered that this question was around for long time but no one has answered it. The way described in this post gives a seg fault. http://mailman.isi.edu/pipermail/ns-users/2003-August/034951.html If

[ns] VoIP traffic Simulator

2006-08-03 Thread lekkie omotayo
Hi, Does anybody know an existing VoIP simulated Application existing on NS2? I am ready to develop it myself, however, most of my questions has no been answered.

[ns] ... MPLS simulator

2006-08-03 Thread Sahel Alouneh
Hi all, I'm trying to build an MPLS network using ns-2. I want to write my own application that can process each packet at the ingress router of MPLS network. My application should do mathmatical process on every packet and after that the modifid packets can pass through the network.

[ns] how to add delay factor bytes per second

2006-08-03 Thread Muth S
Hi all, I need to add a delay factor to my model which is around 2.5 bytes per second can any one tell me how to do it? thanx in advance [img]http://zonix.jeeran.com/hands.jpg[/img] __ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail

[ns] [HELP]How to run ns script in Windows XP'scommand window?

2006-08-03 Thread pyramidal
Hi, I installed ns-2.1b9a in the Windows XP successfully(I don't use cygwin,in that it turns out to be a failure after two days' try ).However,it seems that ns example1a.tcl doesn't work which was copyed to the directory C:\NetSim\ns-2.1b9a.In addition, I input ns and then % appears.But

[ns] Help with energy consumption measurement

2006-08-03 Thread Lambrakis Emmanouil
Hello ns-users I need an awk scritp or an algorithm to calculate the energy consumption in a wireless networks using s-mac protocol, and then make a graph with xgraph Can somebody help me??? best regards

[ns] problem with traffic and scenerio

2006-08-03 Thread Shahan16
hello, I've generated a scenerio and traffic model and started simulating the DSR protocol. but I'm getting the following things in the shell.It shows a segmentation fault and aborts. can anyone please help me how to solve the problem? I used the same scenerio file and traffic model in AODV