Re: [ns] how to install adjacency matrix at each node

2006-08-09 Thread plucs
I'd suggest that it is easier to use the c++ function which tells you the neighbouring nodes. P. piyush sharma wrote: Hi Everybody, I want to know how can I install the adjacency matrix at each node ? I have created an adjacency matrix (which is a NxN matrix, where N is the no. of nodes in

[ns] ns2 under Knoppix?

2006-08-09 Thread Renke Bischoff
Hi everybody! Does anybody of you gained some experience with ns2 under Knoppix? Is ns2 easy to install under Knoppix and also fully functional? Thank you for your response. Best wishes Renke -- Feel free – 10 GB Mailbox, 100 FreeSMS/Monat ... Jetzt GMX TopMail testen:

[ns] Problem with .o files

2006-08-09 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, I have and file.h and I put that in for example ~/tcp/ and ~/tcp/file.h. Now I make neccesary modifications and among other things in OBJ_CC section on Makefile I have put this . tcp/file.o \ .. When I do ./configure and make and make install I do not have

[ns] OTCL-Linkage

2006-08-09 Thread Henni Girl
Hello P. actually I need only the values of the bind variables in the AODV agent. The binding itsself works - I've tested it. What I want is to use the value of, let's say, rq_context in the function AODV::sendRequest(). This variable has the value of 0, it gets it in the simulation script:

Re: [ns] Problem with .o files

2006-08-09 Thread Prashant Batra
Hi, Your observations are expected!! The only thing that's going wrong in your case is that you do './configure' over and over again !! When you run './configure', it regenerates a new Makefile, which overwrites the Makefile that you modified. Thus, your changes vanish. So, after you modify

Re: [ns] installation problems with otcl-1.11

2006-08-09 Thread Prashant Batra
Hi, Well you have to do what the message says. Clearly, your X11 Header Files are missing. You will have to pick up your FC5 CD/DVD, and install the Header Files. If you run the Package Installer or Update Manager, you will have to go into the Development / Library section of packages, find

Re: [ns] OTCL-Linkage

2006-08-09 Thread plucs
Hi Jana, I can't see the solution straight away and without looking at it longer I can't tell you. Your solution looks ok but I am concerned about your use of friend. Does it actually create an AODV agent? I'd suggest using gdb with breakpoints to work out what is going on. Jana Henniger

[ns] How to reference an object generated in simulation script?

2006-08-09 Thread Henni Girl
when I create a new Object in my tcl script, just like set Agent1 [new Agent/AODV] How do I reference this special Agent in C++? Are there special methods that I can use? jana -- Feel free – 10 GB Mailbox, 100 FreeSMS/Monat ... Jetzt GMX TopMail testen:

Re: [ns] OTCL-Linkage

2006-08-09 Thread Prashant Batra
Hi Jana, Interesting Problem !! But, unfortunately I am also new to NS-2, so I can't answer your question in the way you expected, but I can propose an alternate solution, purely on the C++ platform. If you need just one instance of the ContextAgent object, you can create a Global variable

Re: [ns] Problem with .o files

2006-08-09 Thread Vindya Amaradasa
Hi, When you run ./configure, your makefile gets altered. That's why your line 'disappeard'! And as a result, file.o was not created, hence the 'invalid command' error. (you only need to run ./configure if you're compiling for the very first time) So, once you add the tcp/file.o \line, just

[ns] to resolve to run Satpep.tcl in ns-2

2006-08-09 Thread wosesat
Hello everyone! I want to complie and use TCP WestwoodNR as an agent. Is there anyone who test it and run it successfully? If so pls help me. Thanks Wossenu A.

Re: [ns] OTCL-Linkage

2006-08-09 Thread Henni Girl
Hello Prashant Batra, actually I thought about a solution with global variables, but I want to use my new class the same way the AODV protocol is used just with some extensions and without affecting AODV. That's why I think it's best to go on looking for a solution accessing objects created

[ns] datarate from tracefile

2006-08-09 Thread sxroy1
i) can someone please tell me how to measure the datarate from the trace file. I am using ns2.1b7a, and i have set the mac trace on, and the packet size is 1000bytes, and i set the dataRate at 11Mb in the tcl file. i want to see if the datarate is actually working or not. I searched the

[ns] List of Packets

2006-08-09 Thread Albalas F \(AT\)
Hi all, I am implementing AODV, I need to keep all the data packets received by the receiver node, where and how to add a list at the node to keep these packets for future use. Is it implemented or I need to define a list. Thanks firas

[ns] MACA MAC Protcol

2006-08-09 Thread Touseef Liaqat
Have anybody able to run MACA protocol in ad-hoc wireless network in ns2? If yes how and can you provide some links or hints to do so? I have found nothing on the net on MACA support in ns2.I have seen the archive that people have asked this questions many time without any response, but