Re: [ns] RE : Re: need help on sensor simulation

2006-08-14 Thread crazytaurus
Hi again, I found another link, which I think it's more helpfull: (the title is: ns by example) Regards, crazytaurus wrote: Hi feffou, I'm not familiar with the question, but i'll try to help you :) Try this link:

[ns] problems with xgraph-12.1

2006-08-14 Thread jaime venzala
Hello, I am working in Fedora Core5, and I have installed ns-allinone-2.29.3. When I try to simulate the file example4.tcl I see this message: ns: finish: couldn't execute xgraph: no such file or directory while executing exec xgraph -geometry 800x400 (procedure

Re: [ns] problems with xgraph-12.1

2006-08-14 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Of course, you are working on console (in X), not on terminal ? You need to install xgraph-12.1 which you have provided in your ns-allinone-2.29.3 folder. In that folder you have readme file for installation instruction. In further you need to add that path to environment and, if I am right,

Re: [ns] Copy the packets

2006-08-14 Thread Bie New
well, another question about copy packets Does there exist a command that only copy some packet headers ?? for example, the incoming packets have IP header---A header---B header; and I only want to copy the B headers and store them for further use. Thanks in advance 2006/8/8, Pedro Fortuna

Re: [ns] 802.11/80.20 channel simulation

2006-08-14 Thread David Emekihia
Hi all, Does any one have an idea on how an IEEE 802.20 0r 802.11 or any other channel can me modelled/simulated? Please, I need your help as I am running against time in my dissertation work. Thank you. Regards Dave Renata Vidal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks ggeorgak,

[ns] Diffusion3 - Problems

2006-08-14 Thread Super Torresmo
Hello. I'm doing a simulation using Diffusion3, and I want to construct a scenario where new nodes appear in the wireless network at a certain time in the simulation. How can I do that? Also, I have another problem using Diffusion 3. When I create a network where the nodes needs to do more than

[ns] Emulation in Linux

2006-08-14 Thread vngo
Hi Everyone, Is emulation using NS2 supported on Linux or only on FreeBSD? If it is supported on Linux, what steps do I need to go about to get a simple emulation script running? Thanks, Vince This mail sent through

Re: [ns] what should I use to connect nodes in wireless:

2006-08-14 Thread Giorgis Georgakoudis
Just connect the source/sink agents and when there is connectivity a wireless channel is available automatically. ggeorgak On Monday 14 August 2006 22:32, Mohadig Rousstia wrote: hi Sandeep, you can take a look at this folder, for wireless:

Re: [ns] 802.11/80.20 channel simulation

2006-08-14 Thread m w
Hi Dave, You may find some help from this article: Just google and type Simulate 802.11b Channel within NS2 All the best -Manish David Emekihia [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, Does any one have an idea on how an IEEE 802.20 0r 802.11 or any other