[ns] TKN 802.11e RTS/CTS not working ... need help

2006-08-24 Thread Kye Sang Lee
Dear ns users; When the RTS/CTS is enabled, the following trace is obtained; s 10.110075000 _1_ MAC --- 0 RTS 44 [239e 0 1 0] r 10.110427170 _0_ MAC --- 0 RTS 44 [239e 0 1 0] s 10.110437170 _0_ MAC --- 0 CTS 38 [2264 1 0 0] D 10.110741339 _1_ MAC STA 0 CTS 38 [2264 1 0 0] s

Re: [ns] What's wrong with this code?

2006-08-24 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- It has several errors, which you can spot in the code that I send you, which should work. I also have included a simple trace output for you, so that you will be able to see the packets that were actually sent between the 2 agents. As I understand from the code, you are trying to connect

Re: [ns] Need 802.11e Implementation For NS2

2006-08-24 Thread Kye Sang Lee
Hamid, I know one site: http://www.tkn.tu-berlin.de/research/802.11e_ns2/ Try it for the basic access. Their code contains the RTS/CTS mode. However, they said that they did not test RTS/CTS mode. It looks to me that the RTS/CTS mode seems not working. Refer to my mail one up above on

[ns] ns2 energy model with hierarchical addressing

2006-08-24 Thread ABDULAZIZ BARNAWI
Hi All, I tried simulating (using ns2.29) an infrastructure wireless LAN (hierarchical addressing is used) with energy model enabled, however, no trace is produced for energy consumption. The problem, I guess, is that the if statement if (thisnode) in the trace file is always false.

[ns] Fwd: how to realize this scenario in ns2 - is it possble ?

2006-08-24 Thread krekora
Hello I have to realize a simple simulation using ns2. The topography of the network is presented on the picture below . First question is whether it is possible with ns2 ? n1 n2 n3 | | n4 I have to realize a simulation in which: n1 - client n2 -

[ns] Access to Agents

2006-08-24 Thread Jana Henniger
Hello, is it possible in C++ to access the agents of a node when I have the node ID or rather the name of the nodeobejct(e.g. o_14)??? - Or to find out which Agents belong to my node? jana -- Echte DSL-Flatrate dauerhaft für 0,- Euro*. Nur noch kurze Zeit! Feel free mit GMX DSL:

[ns] Help: scheduler going backwards in time...problem

2006-08-24 Thread xuminglu
Hello: I made some modification on gpsr routing protocol and trying to do some simulation on cbr traffic. When I run the tcl script, an error occured like this: ns: scheduler going backwards in time from from 20.05 to 0.00 Actually I manipulated the GPSR packet and do triangle

[ns] Recording the time a flow monitor exceeds a specific value

2006-08-24 Thread Nicholas Loulloudes
Hello, Is there any way in NS2 i can record the time the value of nlost_ of a specific flow monitor exceeds a certain value? Thank you. -- Nicholas Loulloudes Postgraduate at Communication Networks and Software. BSc in Computer Science.