Re: [ns] xGraph Installation Problem

2006-09-09 Thread Mohadig Rousstia
hi Kumar, First of all, you can check the update in XFreeBSD package in your cygwin installation(if you are using Windows), or the updates of that X files in your Linux's update website(if you're using Linux); then install it. Hoping it will help. rgds Mohadig Harish Kumar

[ns] Tracing Energy Levels

2006-09-09 Thread Denis Vella
Hi, I'm trying to use Node Energy Level Tracing with the New-Trace Tracefiles, but the reading is always -1.0. I have set the energy model and power levels etc, but I still get nothing. Any pointers to what I'm missing? Thanks, Denis The information contained in this email is

Re: [ns] delaySamp_ object and Delay samples

2006-09-09 Thread Renata Vidal
Hi Filippos, Did you solve your problem? Can you help me? I'm trying to get Delay Samples from monitor-queue, with these commands: set qm [$ns monitor-queue $n1 $n2 $qt 0.5] set integratorObjectDelay [$qm get-delay-samples] set delayfila [$integratorObjectDelay set delaySamp_] but when I run,