[ns] how to capture a tcp packet at the Home Agent in Mobile IP

2007-01-21 Thread pankaj chand
in Mobile IP, when the Home Agent is encapsulating tcp pkts to send to the Foreign Agent, im not able to detect or capture these Tcp pkts in the LL object of the Home Agent base station by omparing them with PT_TCP, however all other types of pkts can be detected. can anyone please tell me how

[ns] urgent: is cgsr simulated in ns2

2007-01-21 Thread parul agarwal
hello i badly require the simulation of cgsr in ns2. can anybody of u tell me whether cgsr is simulated in ns2 or not? code for cbrp is available on net. please suggest me, if this code will be useful for simulating cgsr. and how will it be helpful? i shall be thankful for your help in

[ns] urgent: plz help: installation problem in ns2.1b5

2007-01-21 Thread parul agarwal
hello i got one code on cbrp which was tested on ns-2.1b5. i made changes on my previously installed ns-2.28 under fedora 4 using the changes and readme files given in cbrp folder. then again tried to install it. but i couldn't install it as the following error has encountered ns make

[ns] Real World Network Topology Generation.

2007-01-21 Thread feel2chat
Hi guys, Thanks for providing such a wonderful list. Question (topology generation): How can I generate a real world network, something hierarchical (backbone, different subnets..etc not just a mesh)? Does inet do such thing? is there any tool you recommend? or I have to do it by hand?

Re: [ns] Unistalling NS2

2007-01-21 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- As far as I know, you just delete the ns-2 directories and its uninstalled. After all ns-2 it's just an executable after the ./configure and ./make. Regards, -Fk On 1/21/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -- Forwarded message -- From: Manoj Mistry [EMAIL

[ns] communication between interpreted code and compiled code

2007-01-21 Thread Supratik Singha
Sir, went through the ns_manual.pdf dated 14th dec. In section 3.4 Class TclObject, Its said that when we create the class ASRMAgent under SRMAgent under Agent, the corresponding interpreted class hierarchy created is Agent/SRM/Adaptiveunder Agent/SRM under Agent. Please explain me how this is