[ns] urgent : how to generate forwarding node in wireless network

2007-02-09 Thread harpreet
hi i am working on wireless network scenario in which one node retransmit the data received to other node. I am looking for these scenario urgently. if anybody knows this please share related knowledge. thanks in advance harpreet singh

[ns] mpls networks at ns v2.30

2007-02-09 Thread carlos vale
Hello, I installed the ns-simulator-all-in-one 2.30. I'm trying to simulate mpls networks with explict routes. I would like to know what version of mns is included in ns 2.30. There is a directory mpls called mpls inside root program dir. If anyone have a documentation about mns ou some

Re: [ns] How to call a procedure after a constant delay

2007-02-09 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- At first you need to schedule the loop proc to execute at the start (or whenever you like) of the simulation. Then, you need to put the re-scheduling code inside the procedure itself in order to make it recursive. In this way the loop procedure will execute once at the start of the simulation

[ns] urgent : Multiple hopping from source to dest

2007-02-09 Thread harpreet
thanks guys. is this possible to provide some fixed hopping node or routng path in mobile network. and what happened if the node which is out of range want to send packets through base station. let n3 out of range bs is base station and signal reached to n3 from bs through n2. but if n2 want

Re: [ns] Multi-interface support howto

2007-02-09 Thread Tim Elschner
i got the wirless tracing back to business: replaced: set sndT [cmu-trace Send RTR $self] (see below) with: set sndT [$self mobility-trace Send RTR] $sndT namattach $namfp Tim Elschner schrieb: i found out that a missing line in ns-mobilenode.tcl caused that strange behaviour.

[ns] variable nsaddr_t

2007-02-09 Thread leandro_villas
hi Qual a diferen├ža de uma variavel ns_addr_t de uma variavel inteira.? This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

[ns] VoIP script or simulation -mine attached

2007-02-09 Thread Shaili Desai
Hello All I am tryin to do VoIP simulation in NS with Wimax NEtwork. Can anyone help me getting a VoIP script. I have written one of my own,but it gives me output where there are only all send packets. Can you suggest anythng for the same,or if anyone has any voip simulation script before, can

[ns] Class error-any suggestions?

2007-02-09 Thread Shaili Desai
Hello all I tried to run the above attached script in NS and got the following error. I saw on the forum, people had such errors before also,but there were no solutions suggested for the same. Can anyone help me with this, I am not getting a way out! I would appreciate if you can help/ Thanks

Re: [ns] How to call a procedure after a constant delay

2007-02-09 Thread Scott Ricketts
To add on to the proposed solution, let me try to offer an explanation of the difference between Somera's original code and Fillippos' suggestion. In Somera's code, the line $ns at $time loop does not call the loop function. Instead, it adds the call to the scheduling queue (or similar data

[ns] H.323 and SIP modules...

2007-02-09 Thread Ruben Garcia
Hi, I already found the SIP module in contributions page but I still have lost the H.323 module, so if somebody can help me to find it or dend it to my e-mail, taht would be wonderfull. Thnaks in advance and best regards Ruben Garcia

[ns] Implementing a New Manet Unicast Routing Protocol

2007-02-09 Thread Wissam El-Mallah
Hello, I used the following guide to implement my routing protocol: -- Implementing a New Manet Unicast Routing Protocol in NS2 -- It work ok, but I have a problem when I receive a Broadcast message emitted by the other nodes. All my protected variables are affected by the reception of such a

[ns] NAM display problem

2007-02-09 Thread Nguyen Lan
Hi all, I have a question regarding NAM display. I'd like to make a scenario that contain only fix nodes (no movement). But when I use NAM to display, all the node seem to be in the same place. I have set the position of each node like this $node_(0) set X_ 703.662297539822 $node_(0) set Y_