Re: [ns] Syntax error using rtmodel-at

2007-02-11 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- It does not have to do with the command that you give in the tcl script, but with the generated command produced by the $ns namtrace-all $filedesc tcl command, which gets written to a file pointed by $filedesc. The syntax of this command in the NAM file) is what has changed in later versions

[ns] commands creation problem

2007-02-11 Thread safaa matter
how to write new tcl command in the TCL file and make implementation to it the C++ files? the problem is that i don`t know which C++ file that i modify. thanks;

[ns] Change Initial Size Of CTS(clear To send)

2007-02-11 Thread hamid reza
Dear Ns Users, I want to change the initial Size of CTS From 14 to 17. can you do this work on NS2.27? Best Regards Hamid Reza Do you Yahoo!? Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

Re: [ns] ns-2.30 installation problem

2007-02-11 Thread vava vvava
I having problem installing ns-2.30. I run make after ./configure Lots of stuff running until at the end of of the line, this error display: make: *** No rule to make target `VERSION', needed by `gen/version.c'. Stop. what does it mean? I am very new to linux. I am using ubuntu 6.06 base

Re: [ns] commands creation problem

2007-02-11 Thread Scott Ricketts
The NS manual has a pretty good section on Otcl/C++ linkage, which should be able to help answer your question. In general there is a corresponding C++ object for each Otcl object you create in your script. You can grep the source code for the Otcl name, like Agent/UDP. Scott On 2/11/07, safaa