[ns] How to use the ATCP

2007-03-01 Thread Satish B
  AHii to all,has anyone used FreeBSD ATCP?If so tell me how to install it and use it.If you have the example code of how to use it let me that. Thank you.

Re: [ns] debuggin c++ in ns

2007-03-01 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- When you configure ns, you have to use the flag --enable-debug in order to generate the appropriate symbols for debugging. Then when you open the ns executable with DDD, you will be transferred to the source files and you will be able to debug the whole source code of NS-2. Remeber though that

Re: [ns] Segmentation fault with a highly mobile network ??

2007-03-01 Thread Netsanet Getnet
Dear Brinis, Did you change the interface queue type to CMUPriQueue? Here is what we have for all other protocols. set val(ifq)Queue/DropTail/PriQueue;# interface queue type But in the case of DSR, you have to change the above line to set val(ifq)CMUPriQueue

[ns] can you please send a sample tcl script of tora

2007-03-01 Thread sandeep v
i request you to send a sample script to simulate tora in ns

[ns] Is there any PCF code implemented in NS2 ?

2007-03-01 Thread taraka praveen
Hi friends, I have to work in MAC layer for my project.I want to use PCF opeartion.Is it already implemented ?Please tell me the NS version .I am using NS-2.28 .In that version i didn't find PCF operation. Actually if we want to sense the channel in MAC operation in NS in which way we are

[ns] Mutiple interfaces!!! plz help!!!

2007-03-01 Thread hiba alame
Hi to all, Does anyone know how to use the current Bluetooth and WiFi modules available to configure a node with both these interfaces?? If you do, then please send me the changes I should make to Tcl and C++ files to achieve this capability as I am very interested in simulating such cases.

[ns] nsclick + tracefile strangeness

2007-03-01 Thread David Bath
Hey list, I was hoping someone might give me a few pointers on this. I've got two Agents attached to sources (as far as I can see in a pretty similar manner to the nsclick example paper), as follows: Agent/Null set sport_ 5000 Agent/Null set dport_ 5000 Agent/CBR set

[ns] Creating a Repeater

2007-03-01 Thread wacky
Could someone please tell me how can i create a Relay Station/Repeater/Signal Regenerator in NS2? I have to create a network where i can send packets from a base station to an end user through a relay station, which basically just regenerates a signal and forwards it to the user. thanks for your

[ns] Frequency Hopping

2007-03-01 Thread Raja Zahilah Raja Mohd. Radzi
Hi, wpan has 27 channels, how to switch between the channels? Which files to be modified?