Re: [ns] Help: error when using node generated by create_topology in NS format

2007-06-10 Thread Filippos Kolovos
- Good morning As it looks like from your code, you are declaring the array n($i) only inside your proc. However, because it is a local variable it gets erased after the proc's execution. Therefore, in your main script, when you try to access it with $ns monitor-queue $n(3) $n(6) the

Re: [ns] one sender-multiple receivers

2007-06-10 Thread Kwnstantina Palla
Filippe and Anvay thank you very much for your reply! I think that it can be done using UDP agents on each node and changing a little the C++ code. My thought is to make changes so that the sender can send to all nodes through defining iphdr-daddr() == IP_BROADCAST in the creation of the packet.

[ns] SMAC with Directed Diffusio

2007-06-10 Thread zitouni rafik
Hello, I have the problem when I use the SMAC protocol with directed diffusion DIFFUSION/PROB implementation. In the trace I have Collusion in the reception of SYNC packets with INTEREST packets of routing protocol. Can you give me the solution to avoid theses collusion.

[ns] wpanassociation to coordinator based on address

2007-06-10 Thread DRAGOS BORDEIANU
Hello, I am trying to have a ns2.31+nam simulation which is like following: I have two coordinators starting two star PANs and I want that each coordinator to have five children from which it gathers data. My problem is that I am not sure on which criterion the end device is associating

[ns] measure latency from tracefile

2007-06-10 Thread Samir Salman
Guys, I got the tracefile of my new mac protocol. Any ideas how to measure one-hop or end-end latency from the given data? thank you in advance, ~Samir