Re: [ns] I really need advice on gigabit ethernet

2007-09-19 Thread Ilyes Gouta
Hi, Do you know how to setup a duplex link between two nodes in NS? Quick answer: see the tcl examples. Everything is there. In NS, the duplex link uses a model of CSMA/CD, i.e what Ethernet uses too. All you have to do is to configure your link (in your tcl scrip) by specifying the bitrate

[ns] Packet Stacking in 802.15.4

2007-09-19 Thread Kim Wook
Hi, I am trying to store outgoing packets into stack instead of sending out. The environment is ns-2.31 and ~/ns-2.31/wpan is my target directory. I implemented stack and insert Push(p) when outgoing packet is detected. void Mac802_15_4::recv(Packet *p, Handler *h) { ..

[ns] Help for simulation about RTP over DCCP

2007-09-19 Thread zhang victor
Hi, guys: I am going to study the performance using rtp over DCCP. and have added the DCCP patch using If someone have done the relative works by NS, Would you mind telling me how to start the implementation? I cannot get more from the

[ns] How to use TraNS (VANETs)?

2007-09-19 Thread Jamal Toutouh
Hello all, I am new in this field and I want to use TraNS to simulate VANETs and I have some troubles: 1º Is TraNS the best choice for my work (VANETs simulation)? 2º Can someone tell me if I am wrong in the idea of how I can use TraNS? TraNS use: = 1. Use SUMO to define

Re: [ns] Modify the trace file format in ns-2

2007-09-19 Thread Ghada Al-Mashaqbeh
I have edited the 'new-trace' itself (I have appended an additional information for it, So in additional to the original info displayed by it there is the data rate). Regarding 'make clean' every time I run it it give error cannot delet tcl it is directory I do not know why that?

[ns] problem node connection

2007-09-19 Thread loussayef marouane
Hi, I have problem when I run a Evan Jones program. I had change a node connection to 3 nodes and a nodes 0 and 1 connect to node 2 but when running just node 1 is connecting to node 2. it is very urgent. Thanks # == #

[ns] Problem with ns2 compilation

2007-09-19 Thread Gabrial Monty
Dear ns-users, I am using ns-2 2.31 under windows, there is no dynamic loading detected on my system, also static comilation is disabled on ns-2, when I edit the code of ns-2 I must reinstall it again (issue ./install in ns directory). If I just issue 'configure' then 'make' the new code

[ns] Fwd: Problem with ns2 compilation

2007-09-19 Thread Gabrial Monty
Also, the .o files are not produced when I run make. - Check out the hottest 2008 models today at Yahoo! Autos.

[ns] Help in simulating video

2007-09-19 Thread Elisabete Reis
Hi, I want to generate video traffic with diverse characteristics (MPEG-4, H.263 and H.261) and quality over SCTP in NS-2. My questions are: (1) Is Exponential Traffic Generator is adequate to simulate it (MPEG-4, H.263 and H.261)? (2) What are the most adequate values for the

[ns] regarding exponential traffic generation

2007-09-19 Thread Geetha
Hello NS-Users, I would like to know how to generate exponential traffic using cbrgen.tcl. Looking forward for your reply, Thanking you, With Regards Geetha

[ns] Problem with random-motion protocol

2007-09-19 Thread alejandro gomez
hi:I am trying to run a script in wireless scenario and when i try run it, the progrma says there is a mistake in the command random motion for {set i 0} {$i [expr $num_row*$num_row ] } {incr i} {=20set node_($i) [$ns_ node]=20$node_($i) random-motion 0 ;# disable random motion}Can anybody