Re: [ns] How to work in eclipse for NS-2 new protocol.

2007-10-22 Thread Sidney Doria
Azim, Eclipse TODO: - install cygwin (as much complete as possible, to avoid more trouble); - install ns in cygwin (don't forget the PATH, TCL_LIBRARY and LD_LIBRARY_PATH stuff at the end of installation) and validate; - install eclipse; - make a new directory to your protocol in

Re: [ns] DNS simulation NS2

2007-10-22 Thread Sidney Doria
I'm not completely sure, but yes, you must implement it in C++ as an agent. The good news are: BIND is open source! If you only need do something interacting with a working DNS you can try EMULATE some nodes with a real network! Hope to be useful, Sidney Doria 2007/10/22, sura [EMAIL

[ns] Where can I find SCTP module for ns-2.26?

2007-10-22 Thread WangYaogong
Hi everyone, I'm looking for SCTP module for ns-2.26. I know sctp is now integrated into newer versions of ns-2 distributions. But I need the patch for ns-2.26. I googled it but found none. I tried to move the sctp-related codes in ns-2.31 to ns-2.26 but I failed. It will cause segmentation

[ns] installation of tracegraph

2007-10-22 Thread alejandro gomez
Hi everybody: I'm trying to install tracegraph under windows. I followed the following procedures : Installation instructions on Windows 1)Download tracegraph 2.05 and mglinstaller.exe from the internet 2)unzip to say, c: cygwin\ns-allinone\tracegraph 3)execuate