[ns] core network

2007-10-25 Thread Brenda Lindsay Williams
Can you pls help me... I'm working on VoIP core networks... I'm basically connecting 4 WAN models via an edge network to the core... The core consist of only routers whose function is to route voice packets amoongst the WANs... can you pls give me an idea of what my tcl script will look like I

[ns] plots in ns2

2007-10-25 Thread alejandro gomez
hi every one: I have benn trying ti make some scripts and my goal is to obtain some plots about the packets behaviour. I am runing ns2 on windows xp with cywgin and i hav an example which uses tha xgraph to get the plot. Is there any specific procedure to genearte the file tr and run the

[ns] How to use xgraph command in NS 2.28 Fedora4

2007-10-25 Thread SuNiL SoNi
Hello Everybody, xgraph command is running successfully in my machine. But I dont know how to use it. I only know that xgraph generates graph. I am interested to draw graph for trace file using xgraph, Is it possible? bye, Find a mall, hotel or ATM in any part of India. Go to

[ns] IPsec on NS2

2007-10-25 Thread wafa boudiab
Hi all, I'd like to know if there is an implementation of IPSec ESP on NS2! if so how to get it? Thanks for any help, __ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around http://mail.yahoo.com

Re: [ns] Bug in 802.15.4?

2007-10-25 Thread bilge kartal
Hii, I have similar problem but mine is related to sleeping state of nodes. When i set sleep time a value. After that time my nodes spend most of their time in sleep mode. I m using AODV over 802.15.4. So all packets drop becasue of the routing hole. And another question about ARP disabling.

[ns] make clean, make depend, make do not take effect

2007-10-25 Thread minisivakumar vellore
Hi all I am using ns-2.31 under linux environment. I made some changes to .cc files in the ns2 directory (introduced or remove= d some printf statements). But my changes do not take effect at all. I've tried the following (i) make clean, make depend, make (ii) make distclean, ./configure, make

[ns] Fwd: Installation problem in NS2 under Fedora

2007-10-25 Thread Vikas Luthra
Hi I got FC3 (as advised for NS2.26), did ./install on ns2.26 allinone I get the following error tclcl-mappings.h:52: error: invalid use of undefined type 'struct Tcl' tclcl-mappings.h:41: error: forward declaration of 'struct Tcl' tclcl-mappings.h:57: error: invalid use of undefined type