[ns] reg power aware routing in wsn

2007-11-26 Thread Arunrajkumar Parthiban
Dear Sir, Could you suggest me steps or tutorials for implementing any existing power aware routing protocol in wireless sensor networks in ns-2.31? Yesterday i tried to generate the scene file located in indep-utils using setdest command.In that it has a parameter for max speed -

[ns] PHY error model feedback to MAC

2007-11-26 Thread Basim Javed
dear all I am using NS2.31 and EDCA patch of TU Berlin (EDCA_ns-2_28-v1-0-2.tgz). When using a certain error model, for instance uniform distributed for IEEE 802.11e, then how can I get error information from PHY to MAC/LLC. What I mean is that I want to set some error model, and when there is

[ns] Rate-limit and rate-limit-strategy

2007-11-26 Thread Arturo Servin
I wonder if somebody has any documentation about rate-limit and rate-limit-strategy. Both are under ns/pushback. thanks, -as