2007-12-19 Thread Mallapur Veerayya
Hello Ns-users, Here I am sharing one of my experience with Ad-hoc simulations in NS-2.29, I would like know the reason for it. 1. The broadcast packets not reach all one-hop neighbours 2. Unicast packets does not reach the next hop The behaviour changes if the node


2007-12-19 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi Veerayya, looks obvious, but: 1. You can consider hidden terminal problem 2. Propagation? (a one-hop node that, in fact, is far way) I choose the first problem. Try to reduce node numbers or spread them more. Hope to be useful Sidney Doria 2007/12/19, Mallapur Veerayya [EMAIL

Re: [ns] nam: command not found

2007-12-19 Thread Md. Atiur Rahman Siddique
Hi Arvind, In my case nam is present as ~/ns-2.32-allinone/nam-1.13/nam ie, ns-allinone-dir/nam-ver/nam. But you dont have to worry about the actual path, a link is setup automatically as ~/ns-2.32-allinone/bin/nam. There is a link for ns in the same directory too. So, all you need to do is

Re: [ns] transmit power - does it really control transmission range?

2007-12-19 Thread Md. Atiur Rahman Siddique
Hi Sita, In my opinion you dont define threshold like that. You need to ensure: 1. The receiving node can sense the signal. 2. If multiple signal arrive at the same time the signal to noise ratio is greater its threshold. You need to set three vars or use default vals with care: RXThresh_:

Re: [ns] nam: command not found

2007-12-19 Thread Md. Atiur Rahman Siddique
You can try uname -a or uname -p. I can not check now. --- Arvind Swaminathan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Jonathan, I am using a Linux machine. How do I check the bit length? Arvind On Dec 18, 2007 1:29 AM, Jonathan Guerin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Do you have a 64-bit OS

Re: [ns] command to create mac_802-11.o in Makefile

2007-12-19 Thread Rennie deGraaf
On Dec 18, 2007 8:55 PM, Arvind Swaminathan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In the Makefile only the objects are listed. I don't see the rules for creating the objects. For instance, I would like to know the place where the compile command to create mac-802-11.o is located (since I want to add a