[ns] : Patch 802.11n not found

2008-01-14 Thread hassine kawther
Hello everyone, I have a great problem in finding the patch of 802.11n wifi standard. So I can't simulate this new standard with NS2. I hope anyone could help me to find it. Thanks a lot. Ne gardez plus qu'une seule adresse mail ! Copiez vos mails vers Yahoo! Mail

Re: [ns] problem working with manual routing (correction)

2008-01-14 Thread Song Luo
I think the best way is to use the manual source routing. you can find an example script at ns2/tcl/ex/src_test.tcl. On 1/10/08, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all again!! I've been working on the problem i post before and i get it :). Sorry for posting it :(.

Re: [ns] transmission range

2008-01-14 Thread Song Luo
Hi Muhamad, I tried your script, and understood how you did it. However, I did not observe any data packet delivered from source to host node. Also, your scenario looks a little bit complex for me. So, I designed a simple scenario which has only two nodes, with different receiving ranges (n0's

[ns] Ns Exits unexpectedly

2008-01-14 Thread Dan
Hello All, I am working on a custom MAC layer for ns-2 (TDMA) based. I am trying to debug it, however my program exists unexpectedly (no crash -- segmentation error/floating point). I have been trying to trace through it with no luck. When the program exists, one station has already

Re: [ns] Ns Exits unexpectedly

2008-01-14 Thread Pedro Estrela
somewhere an exit is being called, and no message is being printed. In my IST CIMS package I have a facility in utils_ns.cc and config.h which redifines exit as a macro, to call my custom my_abort proc, to display the filename and line number. This has already solved many probelms just like you

[ns] Question about DSDV

2008-01-14 Thread Taku Nakayama
Hello everyone, I want to simulate DSDV in multi-hop environment. So I'm running a CBR application with DSDV routing protocol but I got listed problem. s 6.1 _0_ AGT --- 91 cbr 210 [0 0 0 0] --- [0:1 3:1 32 0] [5] 0 0 r 6.1 _0_ RTR --- 91 cbr 210 [0 0 0 0] --- [0:1

[ns] WiMAX Mesh Network

2008-01-14 Thread ali zuhair
Dear brothers Are the NS2 support the WiMAX Mesh Network? Are NS2 support the routing layer, MAC layer and Physical Layer in WiMAX Mesh Network? Thanks, Ali Zuhair Be a better

[ns] Is the .basrc Correct ?

2008-01-14 Thread Livian Zah
Hi I have installed Cygwin and configured network simulator2 in it but when ever I try to run it, it gives that bash ns command not found. I m using following .bashrc file : export