[ns] problem with target_ (Scheduler: attempt to schedule an event with a NULL handler. Don't DO that.)

2008-02-27 Thread Janine Kniess
Hi, I'm trying to send a Hello message (I used the AODV protocol model) and I received the folowing error: Scheduler: attempt to schedule an event with a NULL handler. Don't DO that. The problem is that the 'target_' always returned 0. Somebody know the solution for this problem? Janine

[ns] [code omitted because of length] error

2008-02-27 Thread Islam Hegazy
Hi all I added a new agent in ns and modified the ns-agent.tcl file with the following code: Agent/IMultiHop instproc init args { $self next $args } Agent/IMultiHop set sport_ 0 Agent/IMultiHop set dport_ 0 when I try to run my Tcl file with ns I get the following error: [code omitted

[ns] Adding new metric to AODV

2008-02-27 Thread Gabrial Monty
Dear all, I want to modify AODV to support new metric other than hop count, the new metric needs to save the weight of each link within the constucted route, How can I modify the format of RREQ/RREP to append the weight of each link within the route? please support me with any idea in

[ns] New version of Puma available

2008-02-27 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi NS-2 all, A new version of Puma protocol (a multicast routing protocol, more efficient than MAODV) is now available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/puma-adhoc. *Now Puma for NS-2 is fully functional* Be free to test it and make comments about any issue. Hey you, how can I integrate Puma