[ns] understand the code in aodv files

2008-04-26 Thread sekhar babu
-- hi friends plese any one can help how to understand the code in aodv files, which r came along with ns2-allinone pack,because i want to change default route selection mechanism in aodv.. please help me,or tell me what r the needed tutorials which i have to study to understand

Re: [ns] Question about sending data on AOMDV routing base Scenario

2008-04-26 Thread Marcello Caleffi
Pejman, are you using two-ray ground or shadowing channel model? Moreover, have you tried the simple tcl scenario available on the aomdv web site in order to verify the AOMDV code? Il giorno 26/apr/08, alle ore 02:00, [EMAIL PROTECTED] ha scritto: Dear, while i am trying to send data

Re: [ns] Application Layer Payload Transfer

2008-04-26 Thread Sidney Doria
Herr Hagen Pfeifer, NS2 is not easy to novice. It's normal that novice people be confusing with some questions and concepts, even network concepts. After months same people that have asked a foo question are now secure, with strong skills and helping another novices with their new foo questions.

[ns] Using RED/PD queue

2008-04-26 Thread Eduardo J. Ortega U.
Hi: I am attempting to set up a link with RED/PD instead of default DropTail. I do something like $ns duplex-link $gw0 $gw1 1Mb 10ms RED/PD set redpdlink1_ [$ns link $gw0 $gw1] set redpdq1_ [$redpdlink1_ queue] set flowmon1 [$redpdq1_ makeflowmon $redpdlink1_] set redpdlink2_ [$ns link