[ns] ns-2 FAQ

2008-05-01 Thread tomhend
The Network Simulator ns-2: Frequently Asked Questions Note: This FAQ is now available at the project wiki: http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/Ns_Users_FAQ _The mailing is is now subscriber only---please see the FAQ entry on How do I post to the mailing list? Why was my

[ns] RTT(please help me)

2008-05-01 Thread d d
Hello, I am new in ns. I simulate a simple topology with tcl. I want to calculate rtt of each packet that send with one of it's node, But I don't know how? Could you please help me? Should I use c++ or there is another way? Thank yo - Be a better

Re: [ns] RTT(please help me)

2008-05-01 Thread Arturo Servin
You could get the rtt by c++ and by tcl. Tcl might be easier. This is an example in tcl where $tcp0 is a tcp agent. set rtt [$tcp0 set rtt_] Regards, -as On 1 May 2008, at 17:59, d d wrote: Hello, I am new in ns. I simulate a simple topology with tcl. I want to

[ns] node transmission radius

2008-05-01 Thread abdullah qawasmeh
Hi all, I am trying to set the transmission radius of individual wireless nodes to a specific distance. To do that I have adjusted the threshold.cc code under /indep-utils/propagation, so that it returns the Pt_ power for the desired distance instead of RXthresh_. the program gives the right

[ns] setting speed of the nodes

2008-05-01 Thread Semra YILMAZ
Deal all, I want to set the speed of the nodes for random movement scenario. I use the following lines in tcl, but it does not change the speed of the nodes. If you have any idea, I will appreciate. $node_($i) random-motion 1 $node_($i) start $node_($i) set speed_ 30 Regards, Semra