[ns] UDP Port

2008-05-23 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi all, why UDP.cc doesn't care about dport() information on each packet it sends? The problem is: A packet send by an app, using UDP, arrives in network layer without port information (value: -1) . This happen even if you set dst_port_ just when you create the udp object in a .tcl file. In

[ns] Variable size packet

2008-05-23 Thread S.Nasir
Hi, Can some one please guide me how can I implement the scenario of variable packet size in a communication link between two nodes. Actually, want to simulate video data that has packets of different lengths. Looking forward to get some helpful advice here. Regards Nasir

[ns] Help with Infrastrucure Mode

2008-05-23 Thread MarcoIT
Hi! In the latest ns-2 2.33 are implemented Ilango Purushothaman's infrastrucure mode extensions. I need to create a simple scenario with 1 AP and 1 wireless node. Please, can anyone post a sample script to understand how to manage this? Thank you very much. Marco. -- View this message in