[ns] hi help ((no debugging symbols found))

2008-10-12 Thread Batbold Toiruul
Hi guys, I am using gdb debuggar to find program error. However, when I use gdb, i have some errors: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/ns-allinone-2.33/ns-2.33 $ gdb ns GNU gdb (cygwin-special) Copyright (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later

[ns] A good FAQ

2008-10-12 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi NS-2 people, This is a useful FAQ about NS-2: http://web.syr.edu/~dchen02/FAQ.txt I propose to include all QA in the NS-2 Wiki. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do

Re: [ns] errors when type make

2008-10-12 Thread eng Rony
Eng Rony thanks for your help mr, Wang Danqi i want to ask u a question:- my PC is old, i have RAM:256,Processor: 1200, Cache:256, Board type: Manli and i want to use ns-2.33 which linux distribution is suitable to me and can u tell me where can i get it from net? thanks alot   --- On Sun,

[ns] wireless simulation considering only higher level

2008-10-12 Thread Davide
can be done a simulation on a wireless scenario in which only the scheduler is implemented (no mac procedures)? which are the possible parameter of a wireless node?...not only those shown in the webpage of the tutorial http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/tutorial/nsscript5.html thanks Davide

Re: [ns] how to remove ns-2.33 finally from my system

2008-10-12 Thread pankaj chand
To the best of my knowledge Delete the ns-allinone-2.33 folder. Delete all the lines which have the ns-allinone-2.33 string in the .bash_profile file. there should remain atleast one line with PATH=$PATH:$Home blah blah you did not specify if it was a ns-allinone or a custom installation

Re: [ns] errors when type make

2008-10-12 Thread pankaj chand
You can try doing MAKE with a fresh installation of ns2.33 on a different user on your linux.if it doesn't work, then your compiler or your lib.so files might have a problem, or ns2.33 might not be compatible with your linux, or you will need to install some patches.If you made some changes

[ns] How to get a Tcl handle to a dynamically created c++ object

2008-10-12 Thread pankaj chand
In my Tcl file, How do I get a handle to an object which is getting implicitly (dynamically) created. I want to access some of the binded c++ variables of the object in my Tcl file. For example, the MySnoop.tcl file in ns-2.33/tcl/ex/snoop It specifies the creation of an LL/LLSnoop object

[ns] Binding Static Variables is not working- please help

2008-10-12 Thread pankaj chand
I tried Binding a Static Variable, based on how it is described in the ns-documentation section 3.5.1, but it is not working. The simulator is not recognizing the Classname that I am giving. Here is what I tried I added the static variable in snoop.h in the class Snoop declaration in snoop.h

Re: [ns] errors when type make

2008-10-12 Thread Wang Danqi
I have no idea about the other distribution, but Ubuntu has two derivative for old PC. They are: Xubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/xubuntu Ubuntulite: http://ubuntulite.tuxfamily.org/?q=node/2 Xubuntu is an official derivative of ubuntu. I think it's easy to install and

[ns] How to see the output inside #ifndef DEBUG?

2008-10-12 Thread Noor Asraf
There are a lot of functions in aodv.cc which have code like these: #ifdef DEBUG fprintf(stderr, %s: sending RERR...\n, __FUNCTION__); #endif To understand the rest of the functionality, I feel it would be better to know this output. This probably involves enabling DEBUG flag in the makefile