[ns] ns.exe versus nstk.exe ? how to debug

2008-11-13 Thread hamide
Dear researchers will u please tell me about how do u work with ur debugging? i've installed ddd and with ns.exe it doesnt work but with nstk.exe yes. but then when i try to run a my tcl code which is connected to a c++ code , it seems it doesnt know header of c++ and in first line of my c++

[ns] Multi interface

2008-11-13 Thread Massimiliano Slongo
Hi Guys, I'm working with ns 2.29 simulating multi radio wireless mesh network. I used the guideline in Multi-channel Multi-interface Simulation in NS2 (2.29) blog to add multi interface in ns2. Do you know how to change channels during the simulation time, to implement a dynamic channel

[ns] Several doubts regarding rssi, transmission power, energy consumption

2008-11-13 Thread fhg07
I am developing a routing protocol for WSN in tinyOS, and I want to test it through NS2.30. Therefore, there are some things I would like to know. 1 - How to I set the transmission power when sending a packet? 2 - Can I somehow adjust the energy that is consumed when sending a packet? I

[ns] How to Simulate WSNs in NS2

2008-11-13 Thread Mathiew Moussa
Hi Guys. I want to implement an algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 802.15.4)in NS2. I don't know what protocol to use at the MAC layer, there's no such implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 in NS2! i tried using SMAC (already in NS2, inteneded for the use of WSNs) but it was goiving

Re: [ns] collisions in 802.11 or interference

2008-11-13 Thread Imad Abdeljaouad
Well, my idea was to simulate interference. You are right absolutely right, interference happens in the air so the receiver has no idea about it. But this is in real life. Since there are no signals in ns2, my idea was to calculate interference at the MAC layer which will know what are the

[ns] Wireless Link @ 2 Mbps

2008-11-13 Thread Sidney Doria
I don't know who exactly ask it, but the way to set wireless link speed is here: Your TCL file: (...) $ns_ node-config -adhocRouting PROTOCOL \ -llType LL \ -macType Mac/802_11 \ -ifqLen 50 \ -ifqType Queue/DropTail/PriQueue \ -antType

[ns] how to calculate packet drop ratio

2008-11-13 Thread Geetha
Dear NS-Users, Is there any method how to calculate the packet drop ratio. Any help in this regard is highly apreciated. With Regards Geetha