[ns] flooding and diffusion

2008-11-24 Thread Phenix
Hi,guys What's the exact difference between flooding and diffusion ? Regards, Phenix

Re: [ns] Trace analysis

2008-11-24 Thread Vineet Kumar
Hi, Explaining you,following the first trace example you provided: r 0.010709017 _66_ RTR --- 0 gpsr 37 [0 8 800] --- [8:255 -1:255 32 0] Field 1:- [s|r|D]: s -- sent, r -- received, D -- dropped Field 2:- The time when the action happened Field 3:- The

[ns] how new link is added

2008-11-24 Thread Spyros Marinis
hi! I am currently working on writing an add ip extension for mobile sctp, that must add a new interface and the suitable new link to an interface that already exists. does anybody know in which c++  file I can find a function that creates this new link so that I can call it from my code? 

Re: [ns] how new link is added

2008-11-24 Thread Mubashir Rehmani
Hi Spyros You can find below two links that will help you to create multiple channels, multiple links, and multiple interfaces as well. http://www.cse.msu.edu/~wangbo1/ns2/nshowto8.html http://blog.chinaunix.net/u2/63367/showart_684833.html Regards Mubashir Husain Rehmani Lip6, UPMC, Paris,

Re: [ns] Large network simulation problem

2008-11-24 Thread coorasse
I tried the following: ns-2.29-2 (precompiled from repositories) ns-2.28 ns-2.33 and my simulation still doesn't work properly. The results, expecially for DSR protocol are still very bad. The ns script and the awk script are in this post. They are not the most recent version I am using now

[ns] Transmission power

2008-11-24 Thread fhg07
I would like to know how to change a node's transmission power when sending a message. Is there a easy way to do so? Thanks in advance, -- Fernando Henrique Gielow - UFPR Computer Science graduate student.

Re: [ns] Transmission power

2008-11-24 Thread Vineet Kumar
Hi, You can set the transmitted power, by varying the Phy/WirelessPhy parameters in your tcl script. Please refer to the following conversations: http://mailman.isi.edu/pipermail/ns-users/2005-March/048467.html You can also see, the threshold.cc file ...

Re: [ns] Transmission power

2008-11-24 Thread fhg07
Hmm.. But the case is that I am developing a protocol and the trasmission power will vary according to what it wants, so there is no way I could set the TP individually for each node on my TCL script, since its value will depend on some events that can not actually be foreseseen. Can I set the

[ns] Beacon Order in WPAN

2008-11-24 Thread Nah Ould Mohmouden
Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to give 2 nodes in the same star network 2 different Beacon Orders Thank you

[ns] wireless network parameters

2008-11-24 Thread zied naas
hii m simulating a simple scenario with 4 wireless nodes, one BS linked to wired node the each wireless node send an UDP trafic i varied the UDP rate from 1Mbps to 10Mbps and although the MAC data rate is equal to 10Mbps, the average throughput that i mesured didn't exceed the 0.90Mbpswhen

[ns] ns and http

2008-11-24 Thread Davide
how to attach an http application on an existing TCP Agent? i use nsmiracle and i cannot create the http application directly attached to the node because (because i'm using the nsmiracle node that is quite different from the normal ns2 node) i'm able to create the tcp agent and attach onto it

[ns] Problem with NS2 installation

2008-11-24 Thread rtluser
Hi, Im a totaly newbie on linux and a couple a days ago i installed ubuntu in order to use ns2 (Network simulator) I used a the tutorials i found on the net,and didn't get any errors during the installation. When i wrote 'ns' in the terminal i get this : Usage: host [-v] [-a] [-t querytype]

Re: [ns] Problem with NS2 installation

2008-11-24 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi, obviously this NS isn't the simulator. Use which command to locate where is the command NS: which ns the output must be a path to that ns executable. This will help you to find this alien NS. Anyway, you must put the correct path to NS (simulator) in your PATH variable. Ask google for a

[ns] how to dump routing table

2008-11-24 Thread kanupriya kabra
Hello, I am simulating a large network which uses a link state protocol ($ns rtproto LS). I wanted to find out if there is way to dump the routing table of each router i. on screen ii. in a file I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with this! Thanks and Regards Kanupriya