[ns] help required urgently

2008-12-13 Thread mohamed saad
dear friends, i have problem when i research the source code for SPAAR(secure position aided ad hoc routing) protocol ,ARAN,,ARIADINE AND DCMD protocol i didn't find it in my search   kindly, send this code to me or any code related to the secure routing protocols      

[ns] Fw: help required urgently

2008-12-13 Thread mohamed saad
--- On Sat, 12/13/08, mohamed saad mohammed2742...@yahoo.com wrote: From: mohamed saad mohammed2742...@yahoo.com Subject: help required urgently To: nsusers ns-users@isi.edu Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008, 2:07 PM dear friends, i have problem when i research the source code

[ns] whole packet size and total time to arrive on the destination

2008-12-13 Thread nadir shah
Hi all, i am sending a a packet, using like the packet in aodv. i received the packet length MAC layer is cmh size 1192. the data rate is 2Mbps. i want to know that how much time it will take to reach the destination? Generally how can we find the time for a packet to reach the

[ns] virtual ring routing in NS2

2008-12-13 Thread Student Ns
Hi all, I'm working in comparison of different routing protocols. I've found AODV, and other protocols but I didn't found a working version of virtual ring routing (vrr) implemented in NS2. So please if anyone has the implementation of VRR in NS2 , send it to me. Thank you very much for your

[ns] Wimax module installation problem in NS 2

2008-12-13 Thread sajeeb saha
Hello, I am trying add the wimax module in NS 2. I have followed the instructions  given in the wimax Patch(From both the sites). http://www.lrc.ic.unicamp.br/wimax_ns2/ http://ndsl.csie.cgu.edu.tw/wimax_ns2.php But when i add the files and 'make; the ns-2.33 directory i got he following

[ns] CFP: ICA IN WIRELESS 2009, Brisbane. Australia

2008-12-13 Thread icainwireless 2009
Apologies in advance if you receive multiple copies of this CFP. == ICA IN WIRELESS 2009 | Call for Papers === Intelligence, Context-awareness and Autonomy IN WIRELESS Networks (ICA-IN-WIRELESS) 2009 Dates: 7-10 July 2009 Venue: Brisbane, Australia Homepage:

Re: [ns] help required urgently

2008-12-13 Thread Illidan
Hi, The Greis ns2 tutorial and 'ns2 example' are very good introduction to ns2 beginners. But for a quick reference for wireless scenarios, you may first try the labs from UIUC: http://www.crhc.uiuc.edu/wireless/assignments/simulations/lab109.html But Greis' tutorial is worthwhile by all