[ns] What should I do if the protocol in ns need to be changed?

2008-12-31 Thread Shimmey
I am researching the wireless network, such as Ad Hoc, WiFi or WSN(Wireless Sensor Network). The original protocols in ns need to be changed as my modifys. But the source code is so hard to understand. Is there anyone could give me a good way to learn it or can tell me which code files and

Re: [ns] Book on ns2

2008-12-31 Thread Ragdarbari
Check this out http://www.springer.com/engineering/signals/book/978-0-387-71759-3 Smita Attarde wrote: Hi, Anyone know about any book on ns2. Please inform me if anyone knows about it. Regards, Smita -- View this message in context:

Re: [ns] NS manual to wiki

2008-12-31 Thread Tom Henderson
Lachlan Andrew wrote: Greetings Tom, It seems you're right that the main problem with maintaining the manual is apathy rather than access, judging by the deafening silence in response from your request for responses. In that case, how can I get access to the manual to fix some of the

[ns] Error in runnig wireless script

2008-12-31 Thread sajeeb saha
Hello everyone, Please help me. i am running the NS 2 with the NIST wimax module. Whenever i try to run a wireless program i got the following Error(This one is for example) : % ./ns wrls-dsr.tcl num_nodes is set 3 warning: Please use -channel as shown in tcl/ex/wireless-mitf.tcl INITIALIZE

Re: [ns] Multi-interface support

2008-12-31 Thread Nick
Hi, I will be also working on multi-interface support for wireless nodes. I am still in the very beginning stage though. I would also appreciate if any materials in this area could be shared. Thanks. Nick 2008/12/27 Spyros Marinis spyros_...@yahoo.gr Hello everybody! I am trying to