Re: [ns] ns2 problems with simulation of lan

2009-01-06 Thread HaiderSa
this is bcoz of the the nam is reading the previous history of the file. so u must delete the and out.nam both before re-running the simulation. pingpingping wrote: Hello, recently I use the ns2 simulator to simulate local area network. I write the tcl code following the manual

[ns] Looking for LAN example in NS2

2009-01-06 Thread Syed Faraz Hasan
Hello everyone, I am looking for a simple LAN example in NS 2. I am following the isi tutorial but it seems to have given only the lan command structure. I am looking for a proper syntax to work out at LANs in NS2 environment. Can some one help please? Regards, Faraz

[ns] storing packets

2009-01-06 Thread obaid abbasi
I want to store all packets send by a source node to destination node, so that I can resend the missing packets. How can I store the packets sent by source node. Thanks for your response. BR Ubaid

[ns] how can i change the pause time parameters?

2009-01-06 Thread sarym binome
hello how can i change the pause time parameters without creating a lot of scenario file and change the -p (when we use the setdest) ? is it possible (how can i do it ?) how can i set the radio range = 250m , where can i initiate this variable ? best regards

Re: [ns] how can i change the pause time parameters?

2009-01-06 Thread Sidney Doria
I was just questioning: Will that guy say: hey, this is the same answer!? I tell you: It is not. Read your text and you'll see how rude It was. I helped him. Twice. And I'm here to help him many more times, to answer many more questions (if I know the answer). I will not read your message

[ns] 802.11n MIMO support with ns2

2009-01-06 Thread Lochan Verma
Dear ns2 users, This is my second post relating to the same topic. I was wondering if there is some exsistent code or hints to write a patch to incorporate MIMO support in ns2. Recently I saw some emails dealing with ns3 and 802.11n implementation by people from Univeristy of Florance. When