[ns] accessing vaiable of c++

2009-01-19 Thread neeraj gupta
hi all how can i access the variable in c++ in tcl script. Also if change the code in c++ to print the value of variable where that value will be printed. Neeraj Gupta Assistant Professor HOD, CSE IT Department Hindu College of Engineering Sonepat

[ns] Energy Management in 802.11Phy

2009-01-19 Thread Eric . Wuensche
I just was curious about why in the routines UpdateSleepEnergy() and UpdateIdleEnergy() the first one reschedules itself and the second one doesn't. So where or which class handles the Idle Energy Management?

[ns] Associating a mobile node with a certain AP in 802.11

2009-01-19 Thread Ivan_Tiger
Hi! Who knows how to associate a mobile node with a certain parent Access Point AP? Thanks in advance! -- View this message in context: http://www.nabble.com/Associating-a-mobile-node-with-a-certain-AP-in-802.11-tp21543495p21543495.html Sent from the ns-users mailing list archive at

[ns] Fw: Cbr traffic use in Tcp or not for MAODV

2009-01-19 Thread vaishali mandhare
--- On Mon, 19/1/09, vaishali mandhare v_mandh...@yahoo.com wrote: From: vaishali mandhare v_mandh...@yahoo.com Subject: Cbr traffic use in Tcp or not for MAODV To: ns user ns-users@isi.edu Date: Monday, 19 January, 2009, 1:24 PM Hello, I am doing performance comparision of tcp and cbr

[ns] TKN 802.11e - errors running CFB scenarios

2009-01-19 Thread Livia Ferreira Gerk
Hi, all, I've successfully installed TKN 802.11e patch into NS2.31. I'm testing the effects of 802.11e parameters on collision rate, loss rate, throughput and average delay as network load increases. My topology is static with the nodes randomly positioned and a random node starts 1 flow of

Re: [ns] ns-2.33 Scheduler loosing events

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
Scheduler uses a simple ordered linked list to store events. You must consider: - memory limits; - invalid pointers (you cannot add an invalid pointer or dealocate it before scheduler remove it from the list); Invalid pointers are the main problem with scheduler. Beyond these concerns, I

Re: [ns] accessing vaiable of c++

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
You must BIND a variable to use it in both sides. Read the specific chapter for this in the NS-2 manual, or take a look in a real example here: http://masimum.dif.um.es/nsrt-howto/pdf/nsrt-howto.pdf Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/19 neeraj gupta neerajgupt...@rediffmail.com: hi all

[ns] How can I send variable sized packet, and measure the size ?

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
OK, I suppose a wired network (if you want to do this in a wireless net, read this tutorial: http://masimum.dif.um.es/nsrt-howto/pdf/nsrt-howto.pdf). Any node receives a packet in the network layer by a method called RECV(). recv() decides what to do with the received packet. So the main

[ns] script for broadcast message in VANET

2009-01-19 Thread dlil_346
hi there, i need example script tcl for broadcast message in VANET, can anyone help me ? thank you. Regards, don pollo

[ns] how to generate graph in wireless scenario

2009-01-19 Thread Panks PB
hi , I wanted to know the procedure to get Xgraph or Gnuplot from trace file. Thank u regards pankaj