[ns] error when calling class $cls: $args $...

2009-02-12 Thread Aso Amedyan
Dear all, I am trying to run an ns2 test program for QoS over MPLS and I have used 5 nodes. I have encountered the following errors. I will be glad if anyone helps me to fix the errors. Error message*** (_o3 cmd line 1) invoked from within _o3 cmd

[ns] setting up drop pakect

2009-02-12 Thread hasoon
Hi everybody.. I used Trust instead of hop count to find path in AODV.. may i know how to set up Ns2 and let it drop paket when the trust for example less than 10.. plzz i'm wating your help thank you so much. -- View this message in context:

[ns] dynamic library problem in ns-allinone-2.33

2009-02-12 Thread Иван
Hi! Can anyone help me, please, with the dynamic library problem in ns-allinone-2.33 ? During the installation I got the following warning: *** Warning: linker path does not have real file for library -lns. *** I have the capability to make that library automatically link in when *** you link to

[ns] wimax module for NS 2.31 or 2.31

2009-02-12 Thread sajeeb saha
Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how can i add the wimax module in NS 2 (version 2.31 or 2.33). when i extract the wimax module i got three folder common, MAC and queue. and they are told to add in the ns 2.xx folder. But a found that common and queue folder are already in the NS 2.xx

[ns] Help: Regarding HRP protocol details

2009-02-12 Thread laxmidevi madagundi
Hi everybody, Please send me design of HRP routing protocol for hybrid mesh network. Bcause we are doing project on it. And if possible send me tcl script to design topology. Waiting for your reply Thanking you Laxmi m.b.laxmid...@gmail.com